Where the Swines Flu…

Sangeetha can do the best and the worst! I cant believe the same management who have such high standards of quality and cleanliness in sangeetha adyar and citi centre can have such a bad place as dirty and as horrible as a tea shop in the same street and let it carry their brand name!

The place is ultra dirty and m sure with the swine flu threat going around this is the last place u wanna dine in. The waiter almost has his entire hand into the water glass. The table is dirty and its cleaned rite in front of u partially and u have to share ur table with strangers as its a given in any south indian fast food place, but here the crowd is so cheap (obv who else will come bak to such an ill maintained place?) that u won feel like eating sittin next to someone who is eating like a swine himself..with food spilt all over the place… and flies blowing kisses on ur plate!

I dont even wanna bother to tell u bout the food, it makes no sense. Next time wen i think of Sangeetha, my picture of the Desi Destinaiton in Adyar or the Desi Mane in Mylapore is going to disappear… Well, what can i say, sometimes, pop institutions get too proud to manage their older outlets, then shut them down than to let them spoil ur image!

Ambiance – 0/5
Food – 2/5
Service – 1/5
Price – Max of 100 bux or a little more for a couple.. but y bother knowing this?
Will i go bak here again? – NEVER!

Apoorva’s Sangeetha
152 A, Greams Road,
Chennai – 600007
28294081, 28294082

I hope the Apoorva Sangeetha management is different from the other ones, even then there are so many Apoorva Sangeetha outlets that are so good that this place still makes me wonder!

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Why did you go there in the first place.. it had all the look and feel of cholera bhavan for years 🙁

hi! those biryani shops in greams road are way better than some of these chains. i could re-live the flavor from almost 16 years ago.

blog rolled your site from mine

nice work …

vijay ganesh – only place i cud walk n go to from my work place!

oh can u tell me about some such places i can go to?

Your work location is damn good. heart of chennai 🙂



I'm sorry you had such a bad experience there. I am the daughter of one of the owners of the restaurant. My mother in fact is at the restaurant every day. I will most certainly let her know the issues you seem to mention in your blog. One thing for sure – although you feel the standards are no where close to idea, we do put in countless hours and efforts in schooling the workforce. Some of them get it, others – well.. immerse their hands in the water glass..

Sorry and thank you for your feedback.


thanks prathima.. mayb then the problem is with the screening u do to choose your waiters or the pay?

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