and this aint even a three star hotel! Nobody has ever heard of Shri Devi Park Hotel until BbqNation sprang up with this innovative concept which attracted the typical wannabe crowd of the city .. so its undeniably happening.. that explains the pricing and the careless service. I wish they bought the waiters a mic and some confidence before they start work.

The ambiance is quite different, of course the starters being grilled on the table is part of it! But seriously, the kebabs are already cooked and ur actual kidding urself tryin to burn it further on ur table! I felt like playing ‘kitchen kitchen’ when i was five! Vegetarians PLZ STAY AWAY, dont get carried away by reviews written by ppl who have probably ate in the Bangalore bbqnation! Theres nothing in the starters for veggies except for the usual paneer crap u can find anywhere and Thai baby potatoes which was not bad (a big let down afetr reading so much about it online).

Hence to do justice, i ve got the reviews from meat-eating friends too. The chicken (Singapore style) and the prawns were edible. The stuff that actually tasted good was the ones that were directly served on the plate, viz the crispy babycorn was sooooo yummy and the fish in oyster sauce was great too. Since we were advised to spend a lot of time with the starters, we were ready for more disappointment in the buffet.

The buffet was just the usual. The veg biryani which was recommended wasn’t there to be seen. There was the usual gravies, Chinese stuff, noodles, curd rice, etc. naan was served on the table and the dal was actually really good, compared to the bland taste of the rest. The desserts were average, esp the mini-jamun with ice cream and the butterscotch ‘something’. Nothing else was worth remembering. The bar menu was extensive and had everything from around the world, which is quite amazing for such a place. But be ready to spend a fortune if you want to have a good drink. They have some innovative cocktails, the masala margarita was good with chaat masala on the rim! NO! there is no complimentary drink with the buffet as falsely reviewed by many all over the internet!

As such, the buffet costs u around 450 including tax, if u planning to add anymore than that, carry ur mastercard! But if i had a lota money to blow, i wud choose much much better places in the city, than being blinded by mere hype!

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 2/5

Service 2/5

Price – Close to 1000 bucks for a couple if you dont open the bar menu (else u can forget ur math)

Will i ever go back? – Are you kidding me?.. not even if ur payin!

Barbeque Nation
Shri Devi Park Hotel,
Near Soma Sunder Ground,
1, Hanumantha Street,
T.Nagar, Chennai – 600017
Phone 42694481, 42694482

Whatever said and done.. you can try it once for novelty sake… if you go back again.. not my fault nemore!

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Hey.. long time. You wont believe this.

2 girls on a scooty: Excuse me, where’s BBQ nation.
Me: Straight down, second left
She: Thanks!
Me: But I wouldn’t recommend that place
She: ?!

Best thing is I’ve never been there! Not a single review served as appetizers.

Anyways.. finally updated something foody on my blog.

i somehow dont agree on this one….the fish is gr8…the prawns are really good and whn u grill it on ur table try addin some of those sauce thay leave on ur table…yes itz pre cooked and the grill acts lik a hot pack…but doin the food up with the sauce is actually nice!!! i was der last weekend for the first time! the chicken tikka was ok but the mutton shiek kebbab was gr8!! the mutton briyani is actually nice! unlike the southie briyani soaked with masala this briyani was nice and flavoured!! the drinks menu is extensive as… Read more »

Hey Swarna…As a fellow foodie, I would suggest you enroll in Foodbuzz program which will actually pay you also. Just fill up this link. “http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=PHmE_2beDgRu9lXCecP7ezkA_3d_3d”
Trust me, you won’t regret it.


haha thts cute and true .. chekin ur blog soon!


true too.. its obv ur not a veggie 🙂 but even my meat eating friends din think it lived up to the hype .. i guess its truly depends on ur first experience which wasnt good for us!

oh yea prasad the alcohol menu is the most extensive i ve seen in chennai .. i ve not hit the latest OPM and Vertigo and stuff tho…

Sam .. thanks a lot i am a member of foodbuzz but din kno they pay .. will chek it out rite away

Hey, I actually quite like the place….and Iam vegetarian. I’ve been there thrice and every time, they’ve served us four different kinds of veggie kababs and they also make to order a kind of crispy and spicy potato starter which is really good. The veg buffet menu was not bad either. The price, like you said, is rather expensive.

hmm .. like i finished my review with .. its definitely worth a try for novelty sake … and the ambiance is really inviting and a very happening place in chennai rite now ..

but i din like the buffet much .. and its definitely not worth the expense … more than once .. in my opinion..

hmm hmm.. mayb they were havin a bad day eh … do they deserve to be given another chance eh? well after the hole drilled in my (friend’s)pocket last time.. i don think so! Maybe its just not me!


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you really have no idea how it is recently do you? i am a vegetarian and i still find it good. visit it now and you will find it good