Bay of Non-Bengal!

One of the restaurants in chennai i wanted to visit badly and suggested each time someone offered to gimme a treat …bengali cuisine is something i felt was left unexplored by me. The place seems unnoticebable at first tho its rite behind the famous gangothri. The restaurant with very few tables, does LOOK crowded.

The ambiance is ok but somehow the chairs dont feel that comfy to sit down and have a nice chat. I take a look at the menu, quite a variety it seems. The veggie platter was tasty and filling for 4 of us. The other starters, say the different rolls were attractive, but the egg roll i ordered was placed bak to be taken to the kitchen rite after the first bite. But my friend said that the paneer roll was good. The Bengali menu was one whole page which was entirely unavailable according to the waiter! Can there be a better disppointment?

So the regular roti and side dish it was, painfully! The food was not very appetising, its not like u cant stop with one bite, in fact u will stop with one bite! The lucknowi biryani which was another speciality here was ok, no complaints but seriously noone was hungry after all this. The desserts were yummy, the jelebi tho wasnt authentic looking (had more south indian looks to it!) was freshly made and yummy but too damn sweet to handle.

Ambiance – 3/5

Food – 2/5

Service – 3/5

Price – around 500 to 600 bucks per couple

Will i ever go back? – I mite call them up and make sure the Bengali menu is available and then .. change my mind… na.. m not really eager to visit this place again watever it is!

Bay Leaf
14, 6th Street, Cathedral Road,
Gopalapuram, Chennai – 600086
Phone 28114557, 28114558

There is a ‘Annapoorna from calcutta’ in Egmore to taste authentic Bengali i hear… added to my hitlist!

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I think the only thing attractive about this place must be the fancy name – Bay leaf πŸ˜‰

yea ! have u been there?

hey praddy y don u write on burrp?

no, not been there – gopalpuram is like off-limits, too far from here.

I actually registered in burrp after u told me last time, but i dont see any option there to write reviews, so was quite lost!

come on i write on burrp all the time! wen u go to a restaurant (by searching for it) there is an option sayin ‘write review’ on the rite hand bottom of the address … u can chek my reveiws there! its rewardin i thought u shud kno… they give u tickets and all that for free

i found the place quite good in b’lore!! havent been here…will go sometime!!

hey thank you..i was able to find it, was looking elsewhere actually..will write a few today and let you know..have a look at them later πŸ™‚

kewl .. way to go praddy!

prasad.. trust me not that great to be on your hitlist

You have to love these places that put out a menu and say ‘no’ to everything you pick on it.

Maybe they should get a blackboard, chalk and just write out what they are cooking in the kitchen.

Hey thanks for all the positive feedback! Did you try out Thali Corner? Its more a Rajasthani eatery than a Gujju restaurant.


lol lol!


yet to.. will do by new year mayb.. its a bit far from my jurisdiction thats the only prob!

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Sorry to inform that today I ordered parcels from Bayleaf Restaurant at Gopalpuram Chennai for a Bengali Fish Curry & Chilli Chicken. To my astonishment when I reached home I found that both the dishes were served stale. This is totally unacceptable especially when this so called restaurant charges a premium as a speciality restaurant. Also I informed the waiter taking the order that to cook it light since I have a 3 year old kid. In spite of knowing this, I was served stale food. Both the fish & chicken seemed to be old and stinky. I would not… Read more »

Please do write a review on Annapurna of calcutta πŸ™‚ love yor blog! πŸ˜€


Do not expect a good ambience in Annapurna, the tables, plates etc.
you can enjoy the taste of paturi which is very good, price a little extra.
The food would have tasted good, had the owner or the waiters acknowledged your presence or even give a smile.