It IS simply WOW!

This place is just awesome in every way. Its probably the best restaurant i been to in chennai. First of all it has a different cuisine – Thai, which is getting popular only in recent times in Chennai. The ambiance is great and the service is just so wonderful you feel like a queen! The place is a bit expensive, but that comes for the premium quality food, service and ambiance i guess, its fair.

As for the food, its so yummy you can never get enough. Forgive my ignornace but the Thai names are too much to rem after so long and i don think its of any use unless i explain the ingredients in it. So lemme say in simple english, the beetle leaf thing they give in the beginning complimentary is awesome I loved it.

The pineapple fried rice is sweet but it is a must try here. I’ve been longing to have one like it since i had it and havent food an equal yet. I heard Lotus at The Park has awesome Thai food, shud try once. The noodles i had was a thick flat one and wasnt too impressive. The Thai red curry was perfect too. Wish I had space for some desserts cos they really sounded unique and yumm on the menu card but then i was too greedy about the food and had no choice but let go of the desserts. Went there again with a huge group of friends and had the same problem wen we reached desserts!

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 4.5/5

Service – 4.5/5

Price – 500 for a couple (definitely more with desserts)

Will i ever go back? – Yes i will .. wen i itch for some yummy thai food (and cant afford the park)

146, TTK Road,
Chennai – 600018
Phone 24322640, 42110061

If you ever get to taste the desserts, do lemme kno how it is….

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oh yea? i ll try that dessert for sure next time i am there 🙂

Hi Swarna,
I had something like a banana pancake with coconut icecream when I’d been to the place. The banana pancake wasn’t all that great, but the coconut icecream was heavenly.The betel nut starters are really cool. I agree! 😉

itz a nice place for sure :DD would lov to go bak for sure!

PS : do u think the rating tht they gave in the TOI survey thing to find the best vadai etc etc is correct???

hav u been to Opal Inn @ hotel ranjith???

TOI survey? where does that appear .. pls enlighten me .. i regularly read the food section on friday chennai times of TOI… is that where it comes?

sure opal inn will be next 🙂

i ve started doin reviews on request eh… rofl!

One of my most favo restaurants in chennai – for Ambience, service and amazing food 🙂I was treated like a royal there, which i found it lacking in a 5-star hotel too. I had one starter, dont remember the name – it was crispy as vadam (tamil)..and another made from lotus remember the taste even now 🙂 Little on the expensive side, but it is one of the few places where one can take the ppl who r “special” 😉 Deserts are not great though, we can ignore them and have it elsewhere outside. Not related to the topic… Read more »

there was some TOI survey right to find the best idli, vada and stuff like tht!!! let me see if i can pull something up!


opal inn comin up next
seasons is pretty new n still on my hitlist

yea can u provide me with some links?

One of my favourite restaurants. There’s a starter that’s served on a crispy vadam like thingie with corn heaped on to it. Don’t know what it’s called but it is a must-try.
The idli vadai thing was an SMS contest. I actually sent an SMS and won a ticket to a concert and got to taste the best idli vadai and kapi.

really eh .. can u tell me how to get to it? i wud love to participate too!

Well, it’s over, Swarna…..there were ads on TOI every day and they’d asked people to send in an SMS. Some lucky readers were treated to Mandolin Srinivas’ concert and idli, vadai and kapi from the restaurants that got the top 10 votes.
If I see anything else like this, will sure let u know.

thnks jayshree 🙂

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