The latest thing (almost a year now) has been Mediterranean WOE (Way of Eating) if you have been following social media and all the FADs. Although this is not exactly (as cliched as it might sound) a FAD but a WOE 🙂 Here is a yummy and simple toast acceptable in the Med WOE. I also used my lil box studio for the image hope you like it!


Sweet potato – 100 gms

Bread – 1 slice

Cheddar Cheese – as much as you love to

Tomato – 2 slices

Cucumber – 4 slices

Egg – 2 medium sized ones


Parboil the sweet potato, peel and fry in oil with salt

On a grill toaster, grease with butter and toast place the bread

Add cheese, vegetables and sprinkle salt and pepper over it

In a separate pan, make a sunny side up fried well and place it right on top of the open sandwich

Garnish with Italian herbs if you like

You can cover the sandwich with another toasted bread if you want it like a normal sandwich. 


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