One fine monday morning, when i was cursing my pathetic life as always, wondering what the hell to make for myself to eat, cheer me up for another absolutely wasted week ahead…i usually m craving one thing or another..but there r these voids that i hate sometimes..u really dono what u wanna eat, but just don want anything…there my omnipresent savior Nits suggested i make a chettinad-style egg pepper fry and gave me the much as an egg lover that i am..i have in fact tried egg-pepper-fry in a chettinadu restaurant and din love it..but anyway since the cooking time is less than 5 mins..lazy me went on with it ..but but i was totally happy about the decision later! Yummm is the word..simply irrestible food made in seconds..can only be eggs i says!! I think this recipe is a must-try mood-elevator for any woman!

Egg Pepper Fry Recipe
Boiled Eggs – 2 (cubed/diced)
Onion – 1 small or 1/2 of a medium-sized one
Black Pepper Powder to taste
Salt to taste
Oil to saute
Add a tsp or two of oil in a pan, add pepper to it and let it sizzle.
Chop the onion into tiny pieces and fry well.
Add salt and pepper, mix in the eggs pieces.
Fry well on all sides, toss.
Serve as side dish with rice or chapati!

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This is new for me n look so gud….am tryin soon..thx for sharing dear

that sure was easy..swar get ur ass to london…we have our shopping saga to continue

woow.. yummy eggs.. fried… bestuuuu

Looks real good. Very easy to make with just under-5 ingredients.

thanks all 🙂

nish – yea m waitin 4 the chance too 🙂