Surprise to the taste buds!

To be honest, I was a little skeptical when i entered this new cafe named ‘Jesus Christ’ with religious affiliation written all over it. The place looks like a house, calm and empty from the outside, you’ll never know there’s a cafe unless through word of mouth.

So I walk in reluctantly into this ‘house’, through the couches and tables, with bibles and missionary books lying around and a tv with gospel music playing ofcourse. Talk about feelin at home, you can just laze around in the couches here, don expect the ‘remote’ to be urs tho. The menu seemed unexpectedly vast with sandwiches, pastas, lasagna, desserts, juices, and combos of these.

The service is very good, with the waiter even remembering your name, its next to eating at a friend’s. But I am not convinced until i taste the bread! and u wud never think that ‘food’ would be the usp of such a place. But hell it is! The first bite of french fries changed my entire perception. It’s the best fries i ve had in years, esp. in India. The veggie sandwich had perfect mayanoise in it to gratify my tongue. The cheese on the lasagna has a lingering taste to it that tickles your tongue for more.

The combo offer was a little confusing tho. It could be more lunch-friendly. Anyways, it has a soup/juice, an entree, fries/bread, juice/icecream. Although, we were a little filled by then already, we made a good decision to order for the speghetti! It was simply perfect! No kidding, but even the strawberry icecream had an extra flavor to it! The juice glasses could’ve been a bit bigger. As for the price, its not too expensive, totally worth whatever it is.

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 5/5

Service – 4.5/5

Price – Say 200 to 250 per couple? its a good deal if u take the combo..

Will i go back? – Sure wen i want to grab a bite and have some lone time

JC Cafe
No.10, Jagannathan street,
Chennai – 600034
Phone – 64610767

Only wish they play something else on TV.. i wud go more often to hang-out!

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hey merc…

thats left me feeling hungry again…
but I heard they served beef there…somehow I cant get myself to go to a place like that…
may be i’ll get over it..or may be i wont!

oh i dono bout tht .. m a veggie.. n i eat only the veggie and eggie stuff anywhere.. don notice the rest unless my friends eat.. i ask them how it is .. so i can add it to my review for the benefit of others who read…

n i think beef is served in many restaurants in the city..

yea babe…u right right..hence i stick to the veg only restaurants as far as possible:)

Guess you have to do a bit of tweaking to your template…everything is dark…especially the reply

WOW now, this sounds like a gem :). Havent heard of this place and maybe the name is a little wierd for a hangout, but i will surely try this place 🙂

Any landmark nearby?

sure will do soon …thanks 🙂

do u kno star vijay office? pot shots? the street behind it is jaganathan.. it looks like a house.. so u need to look out

ah yea i have seen it somewhere..will check out soon 🙂

gotta definitely check this place out, after readin this post up!! Hope the review doesnt let me down Merci 🙂

oh thats a threat eh 😀

i think i shud add a disclaimer in this blog sayin all opinions are the authors alone .. doesnt have to b true or false 🙂


I was born in a Christian family, As a Indian, when i go to any restaurant, shop and commercial places. i have seen lot of idiot things such lemon hanging on the strings or some brass thin sheet with some letters and lot of different and scary Hindu god pictures everywhere but I never had any feeling like the Author of this article. How come he feels such as “I was a little skeptical when i entered this new cafe named 'Jesus Christ' with religious affiliation written all over it.”