Keralicious and more!

Great food Less expensive! A good place for the localites of Velachery to grab a quick and easy dinner while shopping in the so-many new outlets opened lately. Typical Kerala food. The appam is great. Try the egg fry and biryani and ofcourse the puttu and kadla curry or the stew. I prefer it with sugar tho! Yummy Yummy!

Dont miss the paratta that comes at 10 bucks, it’s the softest i’ve known and i can eat a dozen of it! The place is definitely a delight for the fish eaters tho it does serve a variety to the veg/eggaterian tongues! Best thing about the restaurant is that it doesn’t just serve kerala food but stuff like rotis, naan and the north indian gravies are awesome. I usually prefer only the specialities in a place but this one is an exception! I make sure to order some north indian items on the menu too. My only regret is that avial and some other mallu specialities are available only with the meal in lunch time and i mostly get to go only for dinner!

Service is very friendly and ambiance is pleasant too. The waiters do offer music to the ears quite literally. But some people say that its a CD player thats doin the work actually. I am not really sure about this. As for me, everything is yummy here and i jus love to hog and don really care bout nething else!

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Price – 200 to 300 for a couple for yummy tummy-filling food!

Velachery Tambaram Road,
Vijayanagar Extn,
Velachery, Chennai – 600042
Phone 42022277, 43036570,

9840738200, 9840081852

I always have an ice-cream and walk out with a smile whenever i dine here 🙂

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aaahhhhh! for the meat eaters sake u should try the beef!!! itz really good with all the cocunut nd stuff!!! also try the egg appam!! and yea as u said the parotta is so freekin soft!! really good!

yea ive tried the egg appam and i love it 🙂

beef yes.. theres nothin like keralan beef i ve had a taste of it in trivandrum sometime bak .. but somehow i cnt venture beyond veggie wen i wanna indulge 🙂 its jus a matter of habit.. but its lovely have u give ur add-ons to my review for readers sake.. thanks a lot!

haven’t tried it, but as a veggie somehow the cuisine did not appeal to me..maybe im biased since i have not tried this place

On BBQ, total waste if one is a veggie.

Been to a restaurant called Sigree in the Aruna Inn hotel building, after a long time had amazing food with good service and ambience all in the same place 🙂

i am just dyin to go to sigree after reading and hearing so much bout it … will do so b4 the new yr begins .. osteria was one such joint i was dyin to go and its already started gettin bad reviews 🙁

oh btw plx try kumarakom .. i am a veggie .. and i jus love the paratas and the appams and the puttu and the northie gravies here.. u ll love it i tell u!

I believe Sigree is an old restaurant, and the quality is still there 🙂

where is osteria?

ah paratas and tempted to check it out..will let u know after i go there 🙂

yea sigree is an old restaurant but its been hyped a lot after its 2 yr anniversary celebration fest couplea months bak .. osteria is in royapettah .. its a veggie italian retaurant tht got a lot of hype recently

hmmm… sounds tasty… cool blog 😉

and btw how much does ur domain name cost u ?

thanks arvind tht costs around 14 dollars per year

hey btw m blogrollin u .. m not able to leave a comment on ur blog .. i dono y

Gr8 work… u r doing a good service to foodies like me…
good going….

thanks maddie .. words like these are the motivation to do better

will try this:) and where is this Sigri?


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