One of a kind in Chennai

There are not many american breakfast places i know in Chennai, this place is a real surprise. But it is still small time in Velachery, it wud have been more successful in nungambakkam or besant nagar.

Eggs made to order (esp the sunny side up) are great and reminds you of the breakfast places like iHop or Waffle house in the US. But the ambiance is ofcourse not so, its a typical coffee day kinda indian atmosphere. Service is great. They got bakery stuff and pastries in addition. The variety of icecreams can be increased. The mango smoothie is a must try. The burger and sandwiches are good too. No complains. The best part is they do door delivery u jus need to give em a call! The rates are reasonable.

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Price – 300 to 350 per couple (if u order drinks too, psst non-alcoholic!)

Will i go back there? – All the time.. i cant think of another choice wen i miss Waffle House!

Parfait 3
#80B, CSI Church Gate Road,
Annai Indira Nagar,
Velachery, Chennai – 600042
Phone – 22432022

If you are a sucker for eggs, just like me .. u sure shud join!

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Hi Sansmerci,

Moghuls Veranda is just 2 Min walk from TCS, Now they have opened their Mocktail Bar as well.

Good Hotel for a very reasonable price.

hey gud work…keep it a blogger from chennai..cheers

hey gud work…keep it a blogger from chennai..cheers

thank u

Ah now i have too many places pending 🙂

heyy u seem a amazing foodie 🙂

I wish a few restaurants i like, to serve alcohol too..would make a good comby 🙂

Thanks for sharing but I guess the place is pretty far away from Chennai.

cant agree more.. chennai really needs to improve on tht regard

far away from chennai? :O its the IT hub of chennai.. n pretty much inside the city.. r u new to the place?

It’s been awhile since I had been to Chennai…besides I am back home now in Kuala Lumpur…but I still like to visit Chennai

u sure have to 🙂

tried the Benjarong?

one of my fav restaurants .. will do the review next 🙂

Haven’t tried this, but I do miss Waffle House. So I’ll try it. Not a big fan of IHOP.

My favo too..I just love it 🙂 waiting for the review 🙂


sure do .. don expect so much tho.. but theres nothin else tht offers an american breakfast i guess (leavin the 5 star hotels aside).. if u kno any do lemme kno


yes will do today 🙂

This sunday I just walked and wanted to see this place, but forgot to take the complete address with me and couldnt find it:(

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Good Work!! Me a foodie and this is the most recent post about a eat out that i came across.

Located at San Thome High Road, 36 Degrees is said to be a the “cool” place to be in this summer! This unique fusion of coffee & fruit shop, is situated in the basement.It offers Brownies, Milkshakes, Faloodas, Ice creams, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas etc. I am yet to visit this place. Read about it on, to know more you guys too check it out here.