Death by Thali!

I definitely want to start this review quoting that this is by far the best food i have had in the city of chennai. Well no wonder it is from THE Saravana Bhavan, but surprisingly it aint authentic south indian food but tis authentic rajasthani/gujarati food!
Precaution: DO NOT EAT the entire day or if possible the day b4 too, so u have enough space to eat the entire thali. It is unbelievable that sucha high quality tasty fine dining experience at sucha restaurant is available at 170 bucks per thali which is UNLIMITED!

Coming to the food, dont hog on the starters. Beware! There is hella lota stuff comin from the kitchen served hot and yummy by the waiter with so much care as you would treat a guest at a wedding. But yes the starters are the yummiest of all especially the Veg roll and the Dhokla (irresisable)! The jal jeera with boondi is gr8 too.

The Thali has chapathi, poli, some 4 to 5 variety of side dishes like paneer butter masala, mixed dal gravy, a special sweet rajasthani gravy(which is too good). kesari, srikand, pickles(not the usual boring ones), and a lot more i cant remember now! Then comes hot hot puris, the dal kichdi and biriyani. After all this the waiter asks you if you need white rice for your curd (btw curd is too good dont miss it). Finally you get a pan too. But trust me, it is too hard to stop eating.
Nobody can not be stuffed with this meal not just because of the quantity but also the quality. Man! I can keep on writing let me stop here!

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 5/5 (can i give a 6/5?)

Price – around 350 per couple and its freaking inexpensive considering the thali!

Service – 5/5 (feel like a princess!)

Will i go back again? – Yes i have already many times!

Hotel Saravana Bhavan
102, Sir Thyagaraya Toad,
Pondy Bazaar, T.Nagar,
Chennai – 600017

Go for dinner so you can have the poli and dal kichdi too!

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hope to keep u comin bak for more 🙂

I love Rangoli. Is probably the best place in Chennai for Gujarati cuisine!!

I have blogrolled you too 🙂

hey was bout to tell ya .. nice reviews on burrp.. good read 🙂

two events which i might check out tonight:

– german food fest – anise @ the taj
– tuesday jazz – jazz live band @ distil

and hey merci, give me your two cents on my burrp! writings.

oh boy! – i’m honoured 😉

on the contrary, going by your advice, i’ve started scribbling on burrp!

….however, my thought is more on the lines of becoming “wiser by a different experience” – may be i belong to a ‘hutke’ tribe which thrives on eclectic experiences.

wata pity.. i llw rite some 1 starred restaurants for sometime 😛

Its been ages since i been to pondybazaar. I never really liked the overcrowding/lack of parking spots etc…
At the same time, reading your review, i might just go there just to eat in this place.

when the food gets 6/5, there is never a second thought whether to go to that place or not.

hmm… looks like my list of places to try keeps growing every day 🙁

yes jayshree totally agree 🙂

sriram.. thanks for the advice .. will def take it..

and there is always burrp! for us foodies rite?

hi merci, good start. i know i may sound like am on “critique” mode, but a li’l more formatting, styling and brevity would make this site a rage! as i write, a thought just hits me, i’ve covered more than 80 percent of chennai’s gastronomic delights in the last 4 years, but sadly havent written as much. so i thought why not venture into some collaborative reviews. this is what i have in mind, feel free to improvise/add. lets say 2-4 people (bloggers/foodies, et al) – sort of plan, come up with a “wine/dine” session, post which we write and… Read more »

thanks ashwin 🙂

so many good review i have to try it then.

came over thru google!

Cool blog u have here.. am from chennai too and so these reviews are fun to read and relate to!!! 🙂

oh yea mansukh is awesome for snacks but i like the thali in rangoli

ah!! been there… nice place.. there’s another more authentic Gujju place in TNagar. Mansukh !? I think.

But Rangoli is better, i think.

m waiting to get to fisherman’s cove in a few months time :)thanks for that tip now m lookin forward to it even more!

wow !now I have one restaurant to chk out and its not very far even from my place. The only thing i dislike is that unlimited part, i prefer fixed thalies.
I liked Taj fisherman’s cove very much. There preparations are superb, much better than this Connemara.

i hope it does

Cool site. Will be handy for me since I travel to Chennai almost every other month. 🙂

sure do.. worth it

I love Rangoli too…I can go there any number of times and never get tired of eating the same thing.