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Now that’s what i call a pub!

What a relief to Chennai’s dying nightlife! Something with class is here on offer, right from the entry where they make sure to check your ID, to real-time bouncers, to the dark typical classic-pub ambiance with secluded booths. I rem many places that opened up with class but went down the drain soon, losing sophistication. Somehow 10D seems promising enough to keep it going.

Perfect, is the word wen u look at the menu. An awesome lot to drink and eat. The cocktails don stop with the regular bloody mary, screwdriver and long island iced tea like many other pubs in the city. They have innovative drinks and the cosmopolitan is to die for. They have specials everyday and looks like ladies drink most drinks on the house on Wednesdays. But i heard there is some restrictions on that one.. not sure yet…

The service is not bad, but definitely doesn’t reflect the standards of the pub. The waiter was a lil weird n non-professional, also we never received an item we almost asked for 10 times. Oh that is the masala peanut which would’ve been served on the house if its another place. That reminds me, there is absolutely no snacks on the house! yea, nothing at all. But for the food, the potato wedges and the cheese omelete are yummmmmm! Heard the non-veg is great too. They have a pub lunch and my guess is it shud b equally good, if the same chef is gonan do it for u.

Ambiance – 5/5

Food – 4.5/5

Service – 3/5

Price – How much do u drink? Anyways the food is expensive… be sure to hand out atleast 2000 bucks for a couple… if u wanna eat too…

Will i go back again? – a very good choice to take your guest whose new to the city i wud say…

10 Downing Street
#50, Kences Inn Boutique Hotel,
North Boag Road, T Nagar,
Chennai – 600017
Phone 28152152, 28113004, 43546565

Oh mind you, its a perfect pub is what i said, so dont be disappointed looking a great dance floor!

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0 thoughts on “10 Downing Street – T.Nagar

  1. Liked the review of pubs in Chennai.
    Used to be in Air Force Station Tambaram from 87 to 92.There were not many good hotels those days.The ones which are fresh in my memory are Saravanabhavan’ near to the bus stand and ‘rendezvous'(still remeber for it’s catchy name ) inf ront of the Christian collage.

  2. swarna

    i always see first the beauty of the blog..
    itz really superb.
    the contents i have to read again.
    i hv lived in chennai about 38 years ago……..
    tasted lotz of food in buhari hotels. their biriyani was very tasty and talk of the town those days….
    i used to have wheat porota and mutton curry form hotel imperial, egmore………
    i still remember the tast of it…..
    i hv lotz of eating experience from chennai…….
    i liked the “thairu saadam”…
    my best place was egmore railway station those days and ramaprasad hotel where i used to have my break fast……
    evening meal some times i had from hotel impaala……….
    i dont know these hotels are existing there now…
    also i go often to dasaprakash for lunch…..
    nice meeting you swarna.

    wish you all the best

    uncle jp @ trichur – kerala

  3. a gr8 place for sure!! the pub lunch as nkeyand praddy hav said is real good!!! the nite time is even better :DDDDD the drinks are good, the food i gr8, the music is cool!! i say AMEN! 😀

  4. ah 10D..food here is really tooo good.

    and nautankey the cigar was really yucky here 😛

    and they have got a variety of drinks!

    wish they had waiters who understand English more than Telugu!

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