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Luxury and comfort neednt mean the same!

I heard this place is too damn romantic and so fixed my very special date here.. i wudnt say i was disappointed mayb i jus expected too much .. watever said n done there’s nothin romantic like Italian.. n this place isnt …

We made a reservation for the poolside well i shudnt call them tables.. the bed by the poolside? its completely dark and it was rock music n bbq buffet since it was a Wednesday. Unfortunately we sat rite next to the bbq and dwelled in the heavenly smoke and smell all thro the eve. The music was awesome.. really perfect on the ears tho it was live in such a small place.. the pool was dull and boring.. too much darkness with a not so beautiful candle lite didn’t really help.. the promised city view was a disappointment.. sitting in the beds twas not only tuff to eat from the small table (sharing the lamp) but also to watch the city…but yea was nice and cozy to lie down and yap!

Comin to the food, the guy who took our reservation on fone said that u cannot access the buffet inside if u reserve the poolside..huh! Now for veggies, the bbq had only 6 items exactly!..n i was wonderin if thts all my dinner is goin to be 🙁 but fortunately the main course n desserts inside were allowed to be accessed.. not that there was any variety anyway.. jus one choice of rice, noodles, side dish and a couple or more of the usual desserts.. the bbq was good tho.. the lentil cutlet was awesome and a must try.. other than which was the usual paneer tikka, aloo skewer, etc. and of course the raw banana was quite a different attempt..

The service is ok .. its 5 star so u don have to worry about that.. the sunset margarita which aqua is known for was horrible! The other drinks were not any good either.. the chek is ofcourse too huge for the tiny place and tiny buffet..

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 3/5

Service – 4/5

Price – Well I paid around 4000 bucks including drinks, the buffet is aorund 1000 bucks i guess.

Will i go back again? – Ahem if i have the dough, sure why not? But i ve 601 and Lotus to try yet!

The Park

601 Anna Salai,
Chennai – 600034
Phone 42144000

Can try once for being in chennai n enjoyin luxury.. but not comfort.. and obviously nothing more..

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0 thoughts on “Aqua, The Park – Anna Salai

  1. 4000 – 5000 is the monthly food expense for me and blowing it off in the name of the ambience is something a disturbing thought. May be an occasion like an 1st anniversary or pleasant surprise or too much disposable income it is fine. Not a regular option.

  2. Where is this place… i want to try this atleast once… hmmm lemme then wait for a good date considerin the fact that its 4k… so atleast i should make it worth it 😀


  3. hey..nice review.. have heard a lot about this place.. but first time reading a first hand account. 4000 is too steep…
    and the part about not accessing the buffet by the pool is just utter nonsense.. well let me see. if i feel rich enough.. might wander into aqua some day.. 🙂

  4. There are very few five star hotels who provide good food, basically i think they charge for the ambience. My personal choice is that whenevr we go to 5 star I prefer buffet, atleast we get a good choice of menu.

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