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Mediterranean restaurants are springing up here and there in the city. Azulia has been there for a quite a while and has good reviews too and so that was the place of choice when we wanted to have some Mediterranean desperately for dinner. Now GRT Grand is never a let down and an all-time favorite so no questions asked anyways. The place was surprisingly small accommodating just a few tables and an open kitchen. There is also a small stage of sorts where a (Russian blode?) lady was dancing for the joy of a few guests who were appreciating her. The crowd was a mixed sort, mostly international. The decor is nothing unique but the ambiance is dim-lit, calm and romantic to start with. An awesome place to have a quiet dinner with your partner.

Coming to the menu, it wasn’t disappointing either. It was small and sufficient just like the place. The vegetarian options were shockingly less for a Mediterranean place even though it was more Greek/ Italian less Turkish/Lebanese. The Pita and Hummus for starters were a delight. Absolutely authentic and refilled until main course arrived. The Moussaka is one of the best I have add in any restaurant in the world. They do have a lot of Italian-ish options on the menu for those who are not accustomed to Med food. And the dessert choice is Baklava of course. There is also Tiramisu. Absolute delight, as always.

The service is very polite and sweet. The chef himself makes sure he talks to the guests once or twice to explain the dishes on the menu or to know if they liked it. There is a bar menu that’s exhaustive with domestic and imported wines being available.

Ambiance – 4/5

Service – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Price – 1500 for a couple
Will i goback – yes, its recommendable for any special dinner night!

Of course, its a lil bit expensive but totally worth the price.

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