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Egg n cheese go good together

well if u did ur schooling or college in chennai, m sure u kno this place that sells the best sandwich in the city. I would go to the extent of saying that alsa mall gains crowd jus cos ppl come to to this road side stall that now has a big menu with increased prices.. hmm who doesnt fall for fame.. n yea y not? CCD inside alsa mall shud stop sellin those namesake sandwiches atleast in this outlet.

The ambiance is ofcourse roadside, maybe in your bike/car. So make urself comfortable. The price is obviously cheap, though its increased now still its the saviour of college kids and teenagers. There is complementary cucumber with chaat masala which is sooo yummy u wud long to get somemore. The sandwiches are the tastiest in town, literally makes ur mouth water and the green chutney is the culprit i think. My fav is the egg and cheese with the chutney, but also like masala sandwich, veg and cheese, boiled egg sandwich, egg and cheese again without the chutney.

Ambiance – You talkin to me?

Food – 5/5

Service – 4/5

Price – Less than 50 bucks for a couple 😀 if u dare to stop there!

Will i go back there? – Well i do all the time…

Balaji Sandwich Stall
Next to Alsa mall,
149, Montieth road,
Egmore, Chennai – 600008

Oh did i mention the egg and cheese? oh man egg and cheese sandwich it is…

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0 thoughts on “Balaji Sandwich Stall – Egmore

  1. i’ve seen it many times.
    and as i pass it my mouth water’s on it own.
    Now that i know you have tried and alive and kicking 🙂
    I must make time to hit the place.

  2. man is this good or wat!!! the green chutney is the best there!!! put in a bit xtra for tht EXTRA spice and it does wonder i tell ya!!! the masala tost is also gr8 there! so is the chillie cheese tost and damm man all things are good!!! tho i havent tried the chicken nd all there which has been introduced lately!!

    this surely is one YUMMmmm place!

  3. praddy

    even i din kno its name swe jus call it alsa mall stall .. but tried n found it for sake of reviewin .,. poor guys atleast needs his name on the internet for wat he does..

    noodle house i ve tried the one in nungambakkam.. they are all the same rite? will write on it soon

    yes very … agree too!

  4. oh i just love this place 🙂 As you said they make the most yummiest sandwich in all of chennai 🙂

    lol @ Alsa mall gets crowd because of this place..maybe true..haha!

    Been there many a times, but never knew its name ;). we just call it the Alsa mall sandwich stall

    Tried Noodle house near satyam just yesterday – not been there before – decent food and service..been there?

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