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Yay! Its one whole year since i started this blog and i really can’t believe it yet! So here’s to 365 days and the 75th post! Here i put up the toughest of the desserts i ve ever made, Basundi, well it is pretty simple to read but working on it to get a really awesome rich Basandi takes a lotta time and patience, esp if ur doin it for a larger group!

Basundi Recipe
Milk – 2 litres
Condensed Milk (milkmaid) – 1 tin (optional)
Sugar – 1 cup
Elatchi (cardamom powder) – 1/2 tsp
Saffron – few strands (soaked in milk for sometime)
Pista and Badam (almonds) to garnish

Boil the milk and simmer the flame to the lowest.
Keep stirring constantly, until the milk reaches half its quantity (this could take hours if you want it really thick esp without using condensed milk).
Add the sugar and condensed milk and let it cook for some more time.
Keep in medium flame but always stay near to simmer (avoiding milk overflow or burnt bottom)
Add the Cardamom and Saffron, cook some more.
Garnish with loads of broken almonds and pistas.
Serve hot or cold!

You can also grind some nuts and mix into the Basundi adding to the richness and flavor. But make sure to cook until the raw smell fades off.

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