Great food and a nice place to relax

I am big fan of such open-air cafes and this one din really gimme much expectations from the way it looks and the location it is in. Wonder how many ppl will find a cafe hidden somewhere in the small lanes of greams road, but surprising i did see a little crowd here on a sunday. The service is good and fast unlike many other cafes.. The pricing is ok for a cafe of this type, not too expensive when compared to places like amethyst and anokhi.

Coming to the food, thats where they stand out. The sandwiches are yummy and filling. Try the chilli cheese and the egg mayo, perfect i shud say. But the best dish i ve had here is the Dynabites, so yummy u can never have enuff, u sure will order another plate! There is no iced tea on the menu surprisingly, but they do make it on request and its quite good. The milk shakes, fresh juices and the ice-cream adds on to the merriment. But the menu does seem a lil small, yet to try out their pastas and salads. Will def keep going back!

Ambiance – 3.5/5

Food – 4.5/5

Service – 4/5

Price – At least 200 bucks for a couple

Will i go back? – check my last line!

Beanstock Cafe

31, Anderson Road, ‘

Near British High Commission,

Greams Road, Chennai – 600006

Phone 42188181

Yay! found one more hide out.. now y did i reveal this already?

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  1. ck2

    i was recently on burpp, and quickly landed on some of your reviews… it cant be missed…. 🙂
    Ok here is a question, any place in madras you havent been to ?
    Amazing dude!! With all your eating-out trip, i am going to look-out for you at the next restaurant visit. 🙂

  2. rauf

    so close to my houj an never heard of it… People like me will never see it, not bikkass of my fading vision, i eat road side food vonly
    bikkass of that vonly.
    Do they have molagha bajji ?

    i sawed you at nautanky.

  3. the blogger formerly known as sansmerci


    thanks a lot man…i think ur almost the same too? sure u ll find me hanging around somewr or other ..keep lookin out 🙂

    nothin can compare to eatin on the roadside..:) but take care of ur health tho.. with ur fading vision n all..

    thanks to nautankey, u sawed me.. 😉

  4. Aaarti

    Ooh, nice… I've been wanting to go there, but wasnt sure of the place, thot it mite be pricey….

    :)nice blog!!

  5. the blogger formerly known as sansmerci

    thanks aarti

    the place is now shiftin to kottivakkam.. its nomore here!

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