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5 Best Biryani Restaurants in Chennai

India, as a country, is varied, in its cultures and cuisines. There have been many invasions and with that came new cuisines. A few have remained here and are close to our hearts. One such dish is the Biryani. A dish for the royalty once upon a time, biriyani now reflects the love of many people. Chennai is known for some of the best Biryani restaurants from our very own Chettinad Biriyanis to Mughlai / Hyderabadi Dum Biryanis, we got it all! This article brings out the five best places to have Biryani in Chennai. Go ahead and binge, you can thank us later!

Dindugal Thalapakatti Biryani, T.Nagar:

Image courtesy: Thalapakatti.com

Started way back in 1957, this restaurant gets its name from the founder’s fondness for wearing a turban and is one of the most authentic Tamilnadu-style Biriyani restaurants there is. Right from the beginning, the emphasis has been on taste and uniqueness. True to their vision, Thalapakatti’s biriyani made from Seeraga samba rice is heavenly. Passed down through generations, the taste still remains the same. What started as a small eat-out in Dindugal is now spread across all of Chennai. Their boneless lamb biriyani layered with ghee is luscious and drool-worthy! The chicken 65 biriyani, bursting with flavours, is another favourite here.

Paradise, Perungudi:

Image courtesy: Zomato.com

The infamous Paradise Biryani of Hyderabad made an entry into Chennai at Perungudi. To be honest, though this place is a distant cousin of the Hyderabad branch, there is still no better place to taste authentic Hyderabad Biryani than Paradise. Spreading quickly across the city with over six branches, it is growing in popularity among Chennaites. If you are a Biryani lover, it is an offence if you haven’t tried the Paradise Nizam chicken Biryani yet. Their Biryanis are made on Dum, with three layers of thick masala and mutton pieces on the bottom layer, masala rice middle layer and boiled rice on the top, to be mixed to achieve the right concotion. The chicken Biryani here is flavourful and well-cooked and the Salan with which they served is the perfect combination, based on many reviews online. Considering it is very difficult to find good Veg Biryani serving places in the city, this is one of the best places to try it out.

Buhari, Anna Salai:

Image Courtesy: Justdial

Started in 1951, Buhari is one of Chennai’s iconic restaurants and is a landmark for the previous generation. With the credit of having invented chicken 65, it is still a go-to place for non-vegetarian lovers. The restaurant’s unique selling point is its extended hours which makes it more accessible to people. Their mutton biriyani is the best, with the right mix of masala, long grained rice and succulent meat to give the Biryani the perfect lip-smacking taste.

Yaa Mohaideen Biriyani, Pallavaram:

Image courtesy: Mukasash.com

Arguably the best Biryani place in town, be prepared to stand in long queues. Not to worry, as this is worth the wait! With many posh restaurants springing up, this place gives the old shop feel and attracts crowds in large numbers. They also serve bucket Biryanis which is perfect for small parties.  One of the best mutton biriyanis one can have, it comes with a boiled egg, long grained rice, tender and moist lamb pieces and right mix of spices. It also comes along with delicious halwa, just the right way to finish a Biryani meal. Bonus point! The Biryani prices are light on the pocket as well!

Bikkgane Biryani, Kottivakkam:

Image Courtesy: Swiggy.com

Bikkgane biryani has set its goal to serve truly authentic Hyderabadi Biryani. This is evident from the finest ingredients they use to the amazing dining experience they provide. True to their word, the taste is consistent with the Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani and Chicken Biryani topping the list. The delectable food will linger for a long time in your mouths and a longer time in your hearts. One of the restaurants which will command repeated visits!

Choose your pick from the list and satisfy your Biryani taste buds now! Did we miss out on your favourite Biryani outlet in the city? Please let us know in the comments!

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