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You asked for it.. wannabe cream centre!

Upon invite to the Bombay Blue restaurant as they did on an effort to disprove my review on chennai.burrp.com, i went there for lunch with 2 of my friends. The food is on the house now that didnt make them think i ll come bak to review a 5 star here i hope. Before i forget to mention, the service has gone down already, the more the crowd the less they care about the customers, to the extent that they forget the invitees waiting for 30 mins (although reservation was made) and ask us politely if we need reservation! uh what? and yea the waiters stopped jumping at you (the rosy days were too short i guess) but now they start forgetting your drinks and compel you to order something else, wen u want something else! Some waiters dont even know the name of the dish they are serving, the guy brought us cheese amigos n said here are ur fish sticks! (we were 3 veggies at the table with a ‘whaaaat?’ on our face). Okay, lets taste the food now and try to forgive the service …


Italian tomato – big white bowl – little soup in the bottom
we needed some croutons
‘bread for the soup plz’ – ‘yes ma’m’
‘excuse me we asked for some bread cubes’ – ‘sure ma’m’
‘hello? our soup is getting cold’ – we get nothing but a smile with a are-u-talking-to-me look!


Onion rings – no salt in tha batter compensated with chat masala on top! is that bombay isthyle????????
Nachos (a speciality here) – not available!
Mezze platter – soft pita bread, bad hummus, some tomato gravy indian style, good ranch
Cheese amigos – probably the only edible item in the menu we had to fill outselves with. (mozerrella-stick-looking jalepeno poppers)

Main course

Chenna Batura – No chenna ‘shall we serve with paneer?’ NO! plz! what do we look like, guinea pigs?
Veggie sizzler – not bad, but hmm personally i have lost my taste for and not gonna order sizzlers anymore anywhere (u mite wanna think its cos of this experience).
Chilli cheese baguette – soft bread but was it baguette?
Cottage cheese chimichanga – i don wnana decribe this particular dish, i might get brutal, wish i cud give less than one star to BB! It was so burnt and tasted of a yr old oil from some local tea shop bajji, oh well i jus said m not gonna talk about it! so shhh!
The penne pasta with red sauce – we were despertely looking fwd to this dish to bring life back to our dead tongues, but it was equally lifeless, flavorless and cold.

Drinks (That came very late since they forgot it the first time)

Lemon ice tea – pushed to a corner after the first sip
Lassi – passable
Cold coffee with icecream – who can make a mistake on this one? hmm.. ok lets say passable too ..
Orange sunshine – wowww!!! the savior of the day,, incredible drink not to miss .. did earn BB the one star!


Apple crepe (or watever) – Not available
Peach melba – Not available
Brownie sizzler – typical cream centre material…good nuff
Hot Fudge Nut Sundae – more of vanilla but yea yummy
Malai Kulfi – was good but tooooooo sweet to handle..

If only i was asked to pay for this culinary torture! wouldnt put myself through this even if they pay me next time .. i hope there is not!

Ambiance – 5/5

Service – 2/5

Food – 1/5

Price – shud be around 500 for a couple

Will i ever go back? – Not even in my dreams!

Bombay Blue
College Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
Phone: 044-43596633

Lets forget it as a one-time nightmare!

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  1. u nailed it!!! itz got really really really bad service!!!

    however the non-veg is pretty ok in this place!! the sizzlers are good and the kheema pav is awesome!!! itz not tht bad a plce to get jus one star..i’d giv it a 2.5!

  2. When I am in Chennai maybe next Jan 09, I should check out some of these places…and I know Chennai is becoming a foodies paradise in India..are you into Japanese food?

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