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After seeing the pics on CFG couldnt resist trying this place out. Was totally disappointed to see an empty cafe at first sight. Its self service and so be ready to carry a huge tray with icecream (of course served on glassware) skillfully!

Warning! Do not enter here hungry like we did! This is a purely desserts bar and has nothing for you to eat. They have mentioned Sandwich in the menu but it isnt available. Cant blame them I dont see any crowd coming here searching for sandwich and short eats. But hey when you serve all sugary sweet stuff there is nothing wrong in serving one or two savouries. Anyways I had to make do with the waffle cone in the end to balance my taste.

So coming to the icecreams! We ordered two waffle platters – the original one with maple syrup served with caramel and vanilla ice creams and another one served with choco syrup served with chocolate and oreo cookie icecream. The latter was an overdose for me but I am sure chocolate lovers would die for it! LOVED the Caramel sauce they had and the Caramel drink I ordered. Cold Coffee was very ordinary in comparison. So I asked for extra caramel sauce in the coffee and was given very generously. So I had to like the service and forgive the fact that they made me carry the tray to the table myself (with not even an offer to help altho the restaurant was empty) and the turn around time was a lil late too for each order.


So no prizes for guessing I had to order the Caramel Sundae! It had triple caramel and almond ice creams topped with wafer crunch praline and nuts! Heaven in a cup! Dont miss it! We also had the black forest cake initially since we were hungry and the order took sometime to come. It was average and the waffles were average too. But all the icecreams are heavenly, so you know what to order when you are here!

Ambiance – 4/5
Service – 3/5
Food – 4/5
Price – Around 500 bucks if you eat like its dessert!
Will i go back – mayb for the caramel shake!

66, Josier Street, Nungambakkam
Chennai – 600034
Phone:044 – 42053979

Sooooooooooo sugar high!

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