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Finally just before i leave this country, i decide to try out the famous ‘curry’ supposedly Indian but no Indian would ever agree it tastes anything close to our curry. I have found a variety of such things like Vindaloo and Madras (yes there is a curry named just Madras) and such stuff in here which the British do consider spicy and hot. I ve had a lot of Baked Potatoes and Chips (Fries) with Curry Sauce on top which i should accept is tasty after the first few times. I especially loved the Curry Ketchup they serve over hot frites (fries again) in Belgium. It is sort of an acquired taste, but if you think you are having “Indian” u ll never like it. With an open mind to try out something new, yes the British Curry is yummy in its own way! This is my simple version of it.

British Curry Recipe


Vegetables of your choice – washed and diced

Tomato Puree – 1 cup
Onion – 1 medium sized (chopped and minced)
Vinegar – 2 tbsp
Turmeric Powder – 2 tbsp
Cumin Powder – 1 tbsp
Ginger Garlic Paste – 1/2 tsp
Cardamom – 2 to 3 crushed
Bay Leaves – 1 to 2
Salt and Pepper to taste
Oil to saute


Saute the onions in oil and vinegar until golden brown.

Stir in tomato puree and let it sizzle.

Add the spice powders along with the vegetables (or meat) using, add water and let it cook.

Mix in the cardamom and bay leaves while cooking.
Add ggp, salt and pepper.
Serve on baked potatoes or rice!

You may also make a paste out of freshly ground cumin seeds, black pepper and cardamom and grind it along with the tomato puree.

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