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Soggy So-called Burgers

Always been tempted to try the Burgerman stalls found in many places in the city. This one came up right near my house and they even do a delivery, so tried it out hoping to order delivery whenever hungry strikes and there’s nothing at home.

They dont have anything much than burgers, not even fries. There are hotdogs but no veggie versions. There are 3 or 4 variety of burgers which don’t have much of a difference in them. The classic one is simple mayo based, Indian sauce is just a spicier version of the Mexican sauce. No matter what you order, everything will have a mayo overdose with no fresh and crunchy lettuce, as u would expect any burger worth a penny to be!

Ambiance – NA
Food – 2/5
Service – 2/5
Price – 50 bucks max probably
Will i go again? – if i really have no choice

10th Avenue, Ashok Nagar
Near Saravana Medicals
Chennai – 600084

Have it then and there if u sure have to, do not even attempt a take-away, unless you like your burgers really soggy!

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  1. Screw you food-commenting wierdo! Those are the most easily available burgers in Chennai. Who the hell cares if you go there again anyway? All you do is stuff your fat face and criticize food. And no one cares about your opinion anyway. Geez,get a life!

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