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Shut Up and Do What You Know to Do Best!

As alluring as the menu of the highway coffee days are when you are on the move and craving a quick break, pleaseeee stick to the regular sandwiches and drinks! The CCD menu covering everytthng from idli sambhar to biryani does make a foodie inquisitive to try but then be ready to face the consequences of eating micrwaved frozen food that most definitely causes food poisoning as it did to me!

Here’s the menu!

And we tried the toast and eggs (smelly) and Pav Bhaji (Same toast served as pav), also the Idli Sambhar (Most plastic idlis i have ever had, probably cooked in stone age and frozen to death) and Paratha and Paneer Butter Masala.

The Paratha was only edible thing or maybe so cos m used to having frozen ones from the supermarket. Damn atleast we can check the expiry date there! The Sambhar was nothing but red chilli water i mean frozen red chilli water! Save yourself  a hospitalization!

Enjoy your drive with yummy sandwiches and coffees from Cafe Coffee Day.

Quick mention of the ambiance – loved it! Very simple and neat, a heaven in the desert for highway travelers in India who soooooo need a place like this to take a break!

Ambiance – 4.5/5
Food – 0/5 (only refering to the high way menu)
Service – 2/5 (nothing special about it plus the lady asks me not to take pics 😛 made me wonder what she was worried about – I guess i know now!)
Price – the menu starts at 39 rs! you can finish a meal for two even at 100 to 150 bucks if you dont have a drink or spend 1k bucks for drinks, food, sandwiches, chips and cookies like we did!
The mango shots are worth the price!

Cafe Coffee Day(Mouth Watering Journeys Menu)
Chittoor ByPass
Also at various other places on the Chennai – Bangalore Highway

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  1. CCD Chittor is disaster…they served stale brownie and when we questioned they told that they had recently changed the flavour…only when we persisted they served the fresh one. Be careful..some times they don't give the bill.
    we ordered some take away of cakes, they never bothered to pack and give it you…in a hurry we also fortgot to collect. If you order take away you take the responsibility to collect the same unless you ask for it you are not going to get it even after paying.

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