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The first time i visited this place, decided NEVER AGAIN cos its so heart breaking to see such an awesome menu in words but a horrible service that gets on ur nerves beyond the temptation the menu provides. The place was crowded as it would on any weekend in EA, that didnt keep the waiters busy, they infact were all standing in one side of the cafe, clueless as to who ordered what, or where to look so they can avoid a customer calling out to them. Pathetic, so say the least. Noone actually understood the concept of running a place for customers to eat in first place, leave alone the international favourites menu they were sporting. Sad.

First experience –  the appetizer platter that had onion rings, nachos and stuff was yumm, most of the menu items were not available, before we could ask for other options, the waiters disappeared again, the cold coffee was expresso in ice cubes – when asked the manager told its a latte /  frappe, the waiter brought wrong order twice, the manager didnt want to meet eye to eye from the counter, waited for over an hour for orders / replacements / some attention, then canceled, waited again to pay (unfortunately) and left craving and hungry.

Why did we go back again? That I can never answer, I think its the menu and the onion rings 🙂 Plus the place seemed less crowded this time, so hoped for better service. The service was much better this time. Maybe better is a strong word, it was tolerable. They brought in what we ordered correctly atleast. The food was yumm though. Onion rings! Mozzarella fingers! Chilli Cheese Toast! Walnut Tart!

Ambiance – 4/ 5
Food- 4/ 5
Service – 1/ 5
Price – Around 500 too 700 bucks for a couple
Will i go back – maybe – have to try out other stuff on the menu

Cafe Pascucci
Express Avenue Mall 
49, Whites Road, Royapettah 
Phone- 9840922895

Hoping service will improve further next time!

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