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Keeping it simple this time…will post a quick recipe.. that can serve as an evening snack..very easy to make when ur back from office and really really hungry! Its of course my own creation..created out of sheer hunger and frustration with the few available ingredients at home.. (u can call it Indo-Chinese) but trust me .. its so came out so yumm! You can use this carrot capsicum (masala/stuffing) to sandwich in bread or stuff and roll into a roti or just mix with rice and make it a carrot capsicum rice! Feel free to use it any other way u like to.

Carrot Capsicum Stuffing/Rice Recipe!

Carrots – 3 to 4
Capsicum (Green Pepper) – one medium sized
Vinegar/Red Chilli Sauce / Soy Sauce – few tsps
Olive oil to saute
Salt and Pepper to taste

Wash and dice carrots and capsicum, saute in olive oil, vinegar and red chilli sauce.
Add a little soy sauce if you like the taste.
Sprinkle salt and pepper.
Add some water and close lid to cook.
Stuff inside bread, roll into chapati/roti and simply mix with rice and serve hot!

Adding Tomato Ketchup goes very well with it!

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