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A Connoisseur’s Treat

A sunday brunch buffet.. sounds interesting for we dont get to hear the word ‘brunch’ in most chennai restaurants. Supposedly the place is meant for mediterranean food, I should say it was a mix of continental, Italian, american breakfast, pizza and mediterranean varieties ofcourse.

The ambiance is like a cozy fine dining breakfast house. The food for a change was nothin Indianised. Man, whata relief from all the places who tag ‘international’ cuisine but Indianise it. I was almost hoping to see panneer falafel, but this chef seems to know what he’s doing.

The food tastes how it should, thats bland. The made-to-order egg is great, i was suggested the Ejjah Bil Jebn omelette which is filled with feta cheese and was perfectly made as in any American restaurant. The mushroom fritters were amazing, i ate it tho i hate mushroom. The pasta was so soft and creamy. The wheat bread with apricot jam was a good start. There was pita with hummus and a white chutney, which was the best. The nuts rice was ok, so was the Russian salad.

When you go back to your table, you’ve got a surprise there already, french toasts and the waffles – not bad, the pancakes – yummy maple-syrup dripping and falafel stuffed wrap – authentic. I didnt try the other salads, chocolate doughnut, croissant, etc. Too many choices though it doesnt look so at first sight. I guess you can even order pizza choosing your own toppings.

Now for the desserts, the tart, its the best i’ve ever had. There is chocolate mousse, icecream of the day and fruit salad. Not much of choice here. To drink there is ice tea and fruit juice. I have two complaints, one the juice glass is too small and two is the price of the buffet being 420 including tax. I guess the pricing helps attract the right crowd. Service is good too, considering its a buffet.

Ambiance – 5/5

Food- 5/5

Service – 4/5

Price – close to 1000 bucks for a couple

Will i go back again? – definitely when i got loads of cash to blow & deserve complete satisfaction

29, Gandhi Mandapam Road,
Kotturpuram, Chennai
Phone 66855111, 24472323

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0 thoughts on “Cedars – Kotturpuram, Chennai

  1. There’s brownie with kahlua in the desserts menu. eat what you will, but there’s nothing, and i mean absolutely nothing, that beats the brownie and kahlua.

    Only downside of the place? They dont serve alcohol.

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