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The Waiter With ADD!

This legendary place on anna salai has always been on my list of must-trys and i finally got to go here for lunch. Pretty impressed with the ambiance for a place this old, its completely refreshing and Americanized in its looks, with a blackboard menu like a typical countryside eat-out with class. I was half expecting a dirty old chaat shop as the name suggests.

The menu is mostly typical American-Italian fare with a bit of the mandatory Indo-Chinese required in any restaurant in the city. I so loved the place at first site. But seeing the north-eastern looking waiters (don get me wrong, its jus my experience with many many restaurants having such ppl for service tht has made me stereotype) scared me a bit cos i know conversing and comprehending will be a problem in the first place. I dono why, they dont even smile in most places.

Bingo! i was so right, same problem here too. We ordered for a vegetable clear soup, spicy curls (or something like it), burger and a corn on chilli cheese toast. The soup had a big plastic bit inside it (microwaved from package?) and when we showed it to the waiter, he gave a surprised smile (looked excited to me) and said something like ‘yay its plastic!’ well…huh? and he asked me if i like anything else in the soup 😛 i hope he meant if i need another soup..

Again, the corn was missing on the toast and he brought it after asking for it. The spicy curly thing he said was vegetable fries which sounded innovative but what came was usual potato curly fries, never mind, its still a vegetable rite? We laughed it off too. But when he brought a watermelon juice instead of my orange juice and said ‘oh i forgot!’ it really got on my nerves, since watermelon was the last thing my health needed now and i had to have it cos of him! The burger brought out mixed reactions, the pattie was crispy and yummy reminding me of marrybrown burgers, but the bun was old and stale, bad combo, in the end ur confused if u want to take another bite or not…

The worst part of the entire dining experience was the bill. Around 700 bucks is almost star hotel rates and the food really isnt something out of the world or anything. The watermelon juice costed 70 bucks! For god sake, we are in chennai where we can get it for 10 bucks in the juice shop outside. I kept wondering what can be the reason for this expensive rates and really couldnt figure it out, neither the location nor the food or a high-class ambiance or even brand value, it felt like they just priced the dishes as per their random wishes and we dont have a choice but to pay it! Unreasonably and ridiculously expensive is my verdict.

Ambiance – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Service – 1/5
Price – At least 500 bucks for a couple
Will i go back again? – Considering the pricing, not very often, unless if its too late at night, when not many eat-outs are open. (guess they are open till 1 or something)

Chit Chat
No 532 Ground Floor,
Opposite AGS Office, Anna Salai,
Teynampet, Chennai – 600018

24349880, 9380033300

Considering the ambiance and food, it ll be great if they can improve on service and pricing, to make it totally worth it!

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