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For all you health conscious ppl out there…

I was just riding through Nungambakkam looking for a NEW place to have my lunch. Suddenly i c a board popping outa nowhere saying sanjeevanam HEALTH restaurant! Now wat is that? Novelty! That is one good thing bout this place. A must try atleast once for everyone. Mind you, it is a health conscious restaurant dont expect a treat for your tongue here. and all you dieters NO NO this is not a reduce-belly-fat-in-10-days way of eating, its just a balanced diet.

Ok so i enter and the ambience is kewl fine dining with a lot of ‘oldies’ eating in banana leaf (i love it) but the atmosphere is completely sophisticated. The lunch they suggest for you is called the Rajakeeyam meals. First they serve you with banana and coconut and some 5 variety of juices which has to be taken in the order you are told to! i guess it included a nut milk, veg clear soup, bran milk, etc. everything except the nut milk was tasty.

Only after this the banana leaf is brought and served. One row of uncooked veggies (salad, raitha, puttu, etc.), one row of semi-cooked veggies (okra, olan, theeyal, etc.) and one row of cooked veggies (avial, thogayal, kootu, etc.). Now i dono what the puttu was doing in the veggies but that was the first thing i was asked to eat. The theeyal and thogayal were awesome. Everything else was typical Kerala style almost tasted home made. Things i skipped are keerai, banana stem kari, etc. Then comes rice (red and white) with sambhar, rasam, morkozhambu and buttermilk (not curd). I couldnt handle the red rice and since i already ate the veggies alone dint have much space to eat the white rice either.

In the end you need to drink payasam and a spoon of honey. Since i am not a very ‘sweet’ person I decided not to have it and the waiter called the manager. For a minute i freaked out thinking he was gonna force me to have it. For foodies like us who dont like to be told what to eat, this is not the place!

Anyways, this place is really nice, the meal costs 123 bucks including tax and the service is very good. If you dont want to go for this meal, you do have other options like a normal Indian restaurant in the menu too

Ambiance – 5/5

Food – 5/5

Service – 5/5

Price – 250 to 300 for a meal for two

My favourites – Rajakeeyam meals, evening snacks, health drinks

Will i go back? – Hit the place often for lunch, wen i urge a healthy meal..

Cholayil Sanjeevanam
97, Old No.45, Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
Phone 64508427, 64508428

Pamper yourself with an ayurvedic massage if you please!

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0 thoughts on “Cholayil Sanjeevanam – Nungambakkam

  1. Good luck for ur new blog ! now I will get authentic news about the restaurants.
    One of myfriends told me to visit sanjeevanam, I went the one at Indira nagar Adyaar,ambience was OK but the food was too healthy foir my taste, I didnt like the taste, all was very dry, except the Idlies–. Now i will go and try this meal.

  2. Ello Swarna..

    Plugs the scope for ‘discussion’ on food just great 🙂

    Lazy me’s been planning to do open a dedicated blog page on saapaadu for looong time myself..

    Happy writings 🙂

  3. Hi

    I forgot to add one more suggestion.

    Merci…please try evening snacks from cholayil Sanjeevanam. You can have '' Ilayada, kozhukatta – sweet & sour, different types of Dosa, Chundal..( all those snacks're not pocket friendly..but the ambience's wonderful)

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