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Ciclo Cafe – Kotturpuram, Chennai

This theme based restaurant in Kotturpuram has been a favourite among foodies since they are one of the very few cafes that served Gluten free pizza and flour-free (yes you read it right) cake. Although now we have keto almond flour cakes and breads delivered right to our home and many cafes in the city have a health menu on it already, this was a great attempt when it started out few years ago.

Food and cost – Some of us with special food requirements loved our treat over here though its really expensive! The flour free chocolate cake was a sad surprise as its just chocolate you see! But yes the pizza is pretty good.

Ambiance – 3/5 The tables are very closely placed for a fine dine restaurant, you hardly get any privacy. it is too brightly lit too. Theme is maintained from the menu to the decor but nothing into the menu as far to remember home.

Service – 3/5 You pay premium, you expect royal Its OK, nothing to complain or rave about.

CicloCafe Kotturpuram

You can definitely visit once in a while when you need some pampering!

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