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Continental cruise needs some housekeeping

The ambiance is getting worse with each time i go. Its dusty and the AC never seems to work. You almost wanna go away but then the food arrives too quickly for you to change your mind. Fast and good service. The starters: Cajun fries (its wedges not fries) but has a nice Cajun flavor to it, the tofu and vegetable roll is average, the steamed veggie roll tastes too good in contrast to how it looks and the hummus is as bland as it should be. The garlic sauce that comes with the starters is great.

The place looks lonely and haunted but before you know there is a big crowd. The main course is not that attractive, very small menu. The only recommendable one is the mixed veg cutlets and the sauce that comes with it. Shashlik is just shashlik and the spinach crepes are inedible. Chuck the main course and go for the desserts as its a chocolate lovers treat (nutty brownies with icecream) and i personally loved the mudpie. By the way, the place is not really as expensive as it seems. Hope they do something about the ambiance soon so i can wholeheartedly recommend the place.

Ambiance – 2/5

Food – 4/5

Service 4/5

Price – Less than a grand for a couple.. with desserts..

Will i go back? – Hmm yea sure… will b happier and content if the ambiance is improved tho…

30, Cenotaph Road,
Teynampet, Chennai – 600018
Phone: 42059495

Oh yea… meat-eaters will love the main course too i hear.. i mean … i read 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Cornucopia – Teynampet

  1. oh you should…the service is pretty good at harringtons (except for those delicious sandwiches…they take time)

    it almost feels like surrounded by decorum through a hyperbole…am quite shocked by the lack of such at velachery

  2. havent yet experienced the dysfunctional air-conditioning…I guess tis wasnt yer cup o’ tea

    you should try French Loaf too on Harrington Road (am guessin you already have)…I’m such a sucker for it’s quietness during weekday afternoons

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