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Yeah I was amazed at seeing a costa coffee outlet inside a hospital too. As commercial as Apollo is getting, am happy that they are atleast admitting it frankly plus this ones a blessing yummy yummy food when you go to meet a doc and wait for hours you know! But it is of course frustrating when you are the patient and have to pass through this place without being able to even get in.

Anyways, we tried the Veg Pesto Panini (Love love love it) and the Paneer Calzone (ok not bad lil spicy, of course Indianized calzone cant expectmore). The Blueberry Muffin is a must have! I hate muffins usually but couldnt have enough of this one! Iced Latte is heaven I say!

Wish it is somewhere outside the hospital so I can go back when I want to. Well, I might still go back just for the coffee!

Ambiance – 3.5/5 (pretty cramped but neat)
Food – 4.5/5
Service – 3/5 (Self-service but not very attentive on the cleaning up and stuff)
Price – Around 400 to 500 bucks (quite expensive for a quick bite)
Will I go back again – yes yes yes

Costa Cofee 
Apollo Hospital, Ground Floor, Main Block, 
Greams Road, Thousand Lights West, 
Chennai – 600006
Phone – 044-42075521

Wonder where else Costa has opened up cafe in Chennai?

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