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Love it! Costa Coffee on the beach with a view! What more can you ask for! The open terrace on top is lovely, you can see the entire beach crowd on a sunday evening with great breeze (if it is present on the day!). Love Costa’s food anytime, the Pesto Panini being my favourite (but this time they burnt it a bit) and the Muffins are the yummiest in town, drooled all over the butterscotch dripping oats muffin this time. The Mango and Prune Danish was a delight.The Veg roll was nice. The Texan Potato and Corn Sandwich was the only drawback, not very good on the tastebuds. The Caramel Coffee Cooler is truly sinful, need to try the white chocolate one!

Ambiance – 5/5
Service – 4/5
Food – 4/5
Price – around 400 to 500 bucks for a couple
Will i go back again – try and stop me!

Costa Coffee 
Elliots Beach Road
Besant Nagar, Chennai – 600090 

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