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Worst-ever restaurant in the city!

Checkers! i used to wonder how this place is not so famous sittin in such a place in the city. So decided to explore this place when i had to treat some friends, but was disappointed so much. The hotel looks great and the buffet at Stimulation (the cafe at lobby level) had a very scanty menu priced at 400 bucks and smelt like a bar rite from outside.The quality of food was apparent and wasn’t worth payin so much for sure. I wish i had been to GRT or Residency towers instead for almost the same price or just a lil more.

We had a savior we assumed, the chinese restaurant (completely empty) in the 2nd floor looked good and smelt much better. I ask the waiter ‘Do u have a buffet’ and he says ‘ No mam, only Chinese!’ …. No comments… Jus went ahead and opened the menu which was again very less and the veg items were even lesser. Service is ok, not bad. The soup (Tom Yum) was like horrible and tasted more like south-indian rasam, the starters spring rolls (bland), veg balls ‘q’ (only good one) and onion rings (had to gulp it down with a whole glass of water to void mishap) were nuff samples for us to kno how much to order in the main course.

The main course were schewan fried rice (wasnt spicy, i guess no salt too), pan-fried noodles (good and only thing to fill the tummy), thai green curry (awful), and five-spiced veg balls gravy (i lost my sense of taste by then, so don rem) and yea the dim sum (duh!). Whatever! desserts cant b that bad anywhere. Who says so? The strawberry milkshake was bland. The banana fritters were the worst i ve ever had, we ordered a plate for 5 of us and still had half the plate unfinished when we left. Thank god the fried icecream was unavailable. And for this quality of food, the place is irritatingly expensive, the decor’s good… now m not here to pay for ur interior designing.. i am here to eat!

After paying hella lot here, i went to a local south indian fast food and had good food – tummy-filing and heart-filling – for less than 100 bucks 🙂

Ambiance – 4/5 for the looks but 1/5 for the smell

Food – A BIG O / on anything!

Service – 3/5

Price – 800 bucks for a couple which u can as well dump into a dustbin!

Will i ever go back? – NO! and U BETTER STAY AWAY FROM CHECKERS!

Crystal Jade
The Checkers Hotel,
No. 30, Mount Road,
Little Mount,
Saidapet, Chennai – 600035
Phone 43994399

Did you really want the address after all this?

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