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Seriously? What were they thinking?

Some places get your blood boiling and make you wanna review it immediately, thanks to Dasa at EA, I got the spirit and energy again to blog about a place i dine in asap like i used to!!

You walk in to an almost empty restaurant in EA, you would be surprised by that fact already, where people would do anything to get a place to sit relax and eat on a weekend, after crossing the crowded food court with much difficulty. As soon as you enter and see a board that says : what happens at the beach stays at the beach.. well u should take a hint i guess, yes its supposed to be a beach themed restaurant, rofl, no idea what they were thinking, they also have some marine looking wall decorations, shells on some board and oh yea the menu card had a sand-like poorly designed picture in the front page.

The menu almost starts and ends there, whatever was called the weekend menu at least. It is just a 2-fold card that has a few dosa varieties and few rice varieties plus a couple or more of continental dishes, it looked like a sample menu, the ice-cream list seemed bigger than everything else put together. But once you open the menu you are in for a shock, as pricey as restaurants at EA might be, paying 200 bucks for a dosa thats the size of not even half of what you would get at a saravana bhavan or sangeetha and even more than that for a small (and i mean really small) bowl of Bisi Bela Anna with no side (not even chips or papad or raita) whatsoever is just not possible for any Chennaite, unless you are sitting in a 5-star hotel’s South-Indian boutique restaurant that serves a ridiculously popular star chefs’ specialty dish, only cos ur happy to cut it off your bucket list. A 250 bucks chole bhatura with one single Poori in the size of an average poori (and not the huge one you would expect) does leave you feeling hungry and extremely poor to afford even another puri! lol!

Well one consolation is the taste is good and leaves you wanting more for sure. But still its way too expensive for a restaurant that doesn’t even qualify for a complete fine-dine experience, a half-baked wannabe theme, a food-sampling quantity served, and service like they don’t care, well it might work with any other cuisine, trust me not with South Indian fast food. Even if they try and serve a pea-sized so-called masala dosa after 20 to 30 mins (n give you the masala separately in a hot pack!), to show they are so, it only irritates you since you know your food better! If you want to have a proper dinner, there is Rajdhani or even Dine inside escape is much better comparatively. Fruit juices are 200 bucks too.

Ambiance – 3/5
Food – 2.5/5
Service – 2/5
Price – around 800 to 1000 bucks a couple for a half-filled tummy
Will i go back again – not even near the place!

Oh yea when you walk out of the place and see the board again – you know what they mean – what happens at the beach stays in the beach – well if I only I was paid to shut up, i might have 😀

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0 thoughts on “Dasa – Express Avenue Mall, Royapettah

  1. Cant agree more…it was like a slap on the face when i saw the dosa being served.. Forget adults, even my skinny son's tummy was half filled with that INR 200 Dosa.

    Completely agree with every word of what you said.

  2. hesitant to give even one star. No Glass, No Napkins, No Tissues, No Plates, no complaint book, handwash area and basins shabby, No sufficient people but lots of prices on the menu card. M.Srinivas (Asst. Mgr) useless. he shud be Asst. Damager. we had to wait for each and everything that is required in a restaurant. helped myself for napkins, tissues, a very bad experience for my entire family. ruined our xmas afternoon. damagingly expensive is the icing on the cake. guys please dont ever think of going here. this place must be closed and license cancelled asap.

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