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Expect no quality, wen u go for quantity!

Firstly, why is Dhabba Express hiding behind this building? are they tryin to avoid customers? it is impossible to know there is a dhabba here unless you sit on the net n search for a dhaba in nungambakkam like me and that too dhabba express? wow! i took the first chance to go there. The stairs look haunted and u ll wanna think there ll b no crowd at all inside, but surprise! there r soooo many ppl busily filling their plates from the buffet as you enter. The ambiance is typical dhaba expressish, open top, dirty plates/spoons/etc.and ofcourse the ‘i-know-u-love-it’ attitude service!

There was noone to guide me as to where i should pay, get the token and start my buffet, I was totally lost. The waiters are helpful, but only if u ask for help , maybe thats a lot to expect. The buffet is completely veg, 75 bucks. It includes, some dry tasting stuffed roti, good naan, low quality tomato rice, awesome sambar rice (i dono wat it was doing in a dhabba but i regret not takin more of it), some pulao rice, very bad curd rice, macaroni! (huh?), salads, yummmmmy raitha, gobi chinese style, a weird brinjal manchurian kind, half cooked ladies finger, dal makhani, one more gravy and ofcourse jelebi which was always empty and i had to ask for it some 10 times b4 it came hot hot yumm yumm to my table, wowwwww mouth waters at the very thought of it.

Warning! If you wanna avoid throwing up do not use/ or even look at the spoons. You dont have a choice on the plates tho. Do not drink the water. Order for lassi or buttermilk its good. You can also order a la carte other than the buffet, there is punjabi n chinese item esp non-veg since the buffet is completely veg. They also do home delivery, so carry the menu back with u. If you are looking for more hygienic environment, you can sit inside the small AC area and order too.

Ambiance – 3/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 2.5/5

Price – less than 200 bucks for a couple if u go for the buffet and a drink

Will i go bak? – wen hungry strikes and nothin more

Dhabba Express
112, 1st Floor, Eldorado Building,
Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034
Phone 32549944, 28203636

Enjoy a typical dhabba express experience, value for money for sure!

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0 thoughts on “Dhabba Express – Nungambakkam

  1. Tiramisu id my most favorite thing in the world. i hope all my birtday cakes are Tiramisu.

    ambiance is something that is very hard to achieve in chennai. i am not saying everyone is bad. Just a few which does not take enough care for the cleaning and customer service as much as they care about the food they prepare.

    maybe they would rather have more customers come and go fast, giving them more revenue rather than one customer hogging the place and enjoying the ambiance.
    tats 2 ways of looking at it.

  2. Five six years back, my son was here and he loved this place and praised it so much and wanted me to go there, can u believe it I went thrice for it..they close it in the after noon , once it was holiday for them and the third time we went there and decided to order a/la carte..one by one they didnt have anything we ordered and we came backn angry, Fourth time we went for buffet lunch..it was totally ill kempt with flies,jalebiwas the only thing I liked, but hygiene label is so low, i would never go again, and even now when my son went, they really hated it:)

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