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Do u remember the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes that is one of my favorites to make at home! Due to lack to available ingredients for the same and to save time in times of hunger pangs.. n also makin the dish healthier with lotsa vegetables more… now thats a new priority rite – simply healthy and tasty food..there is this new version now…a simple do-it-yourself potato wrap that can be made pretty quickly at home!

DIY Potato Wrap Recipe


Wheat Flour – to make rotis / wraps
Potato – 2 medium large ones
Fresh vegetables – tomatoes, onion, capsicum and cabbage
Cheese – well shredded
Seasoning of your choice
Sauce / spread of your choice
Oil to fry and for the rotis
Salt to taste

Make simple homemade rotis for the wrap – with wheat flour, salt and little bit of oil.
Dice the tomatoes, thinly slice the onions and capsicum if using, shred the cabbage.
Peel and cut the potatoes into squares and microwave for a minimum of 10 mins.
Once they are half cooked, fry them in oil along with seasoning till crisp.
I use taco seasoning or maggi noodles masala, or simple red chilli powder and cumin powder / even just salt and pepper will do if you are looking for a simple taste.
Now coat the rotis with a sauce (anything from tomato sauce to cheese spread tastes great!) or if you are into making mint chutney / tamarind dates sauce it can give a nice desi flavour to the wrap.
Fill ‘ em up, roll into wraps and crunch away!

You can even add fresh eggs while the rotis are in the making to layer the wrap with omelete.

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