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Nothing Special Just Overrated

Good food… Good service… they actually let us cut a cake for a friends bday, make all the noise we want in the center of the restaurant and neatly served us the cake with dessert plates and spoons.. impressive… but the place is very small and always crowded just another restaurant hyped up a lot. Could do better located in a better place and with more space.

I really have nothin else to write about this restaurant thats reviewed the most in Chennai as far as I see… hmm.. yea its good veggie place for family in Bessie.. People keep recommending it for some reason.. Can try once for being in Chennai and for going to Bessie, my fav place in the city, of course!

Ambiance – 3/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Price – Probably 500 for a couple? Depends on ur choice of food

Will i go back? – Hmm… if i don need to wait yea.. else there are many places nearby!

E37, 2nd Avenue,
Besant Nagar,
Chennai – 600090
Phone 24460777

Yay! Dont miss the white-forest cake at Calk Walk downstairs… Yummy!

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0 thoughts on “Eden – Besant Nagar

  1. The Besant Nagar branch is pathetic and needs improvement.It is always cramped for space and offers little privacy.
    The diners are all seated too close for comfort.Your neighbour is literally eating from your plate.
    I recently went with my family for a dinner and let me tell you it was a disaster.My neighbour family of four ,was more interested and probably knew more than our menu than us.He even was staring at the left over food of us and was heard commenting wish he had it !!!
    The infrastructure needs to be worked upon,atleast give a separation from each table to another!!!

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