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Yay! Guess who’s back in chennai? and what better way to bring this blog back to life than to begin with the most recent and larger-than-life (for us chennaites atleast) Express Avenue! Well folks from Delhi and Bangalore, yes i ve lived there and i know this aint nothing new… but for Chennai i think we are all set to enter the mall-culture lifestyle properly after the opening of EA. Not to forget, our Spencer Plaza was a masssive thingie in the past when ppl had no clue about malls and shopping plazas. Yes we are late but we are up here with the latest 😛 Every international brand from fashion to food to what not is here already and the crowd i think right now is all ‘sight-seers’, so its really busy. But m sure the right crowd will be pulled in soon and the mall will be a superhit if its already not! Ampa Mall – gotta learn from EA.. both the speed and the splendor!!

How can i not talk about Escape? Hats Off to Sathyam Cinemas, the place looks surreal and lavish. And it has everything you can think from 8 awesome cinema screens to dining and snacks bars, smoking rooms and gaming. Everything looks ultra modern with the ticket (seat selection) kiosks and so on. Am yet to explore the entire place, will come up with separate reviews in here as much and as soon as i can (from escape as well as food court and other outlets) but should say the original Sathyam Cinemas has gone down and given second hand treatment now, although it broke my heart initially, i think Escape deserves it once i saw it with my own eyes! I hope more stuff like this comes up in the city and people grow up with it pretty soon.. well i guess u already know by now.. am sure delighted to be back!

PS: Pics Uploaded on Sansmerci.in Page in Facebook!!

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0 thoughts on “Express Avenue – Royapettah

  1. Why no ratings?
    I thought the rating section in your blog is kool.
    Haven't seen cinemas at escape yet. Is it any better than imax experience?
    I liked the reading.. content.. and language aswell. Keep writing..

  2. Initially when I entered Ampa Skywalk I though this shopping mall is going to be the big in chennai.. But, when I stepped in Express Avenue (EA), I really wondered on seeing it.

    Really Escape adds more beauty to the mall.. Now I consider EA the best one.. don't know what next 😉

  3. I live in Chennai for quite sometime and I really loved the flavors of Hajeeras Kitchen.

    They have only take away and home delivery facility. No dine-in. Thats really disappointing.

    Great foods at your doorsteps.

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