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Fighting the pandemic – Salute to the helping hands

Is the lockdown getting to you? Are you bored of cooking continuously 4 meals a day? Need a restaurant style dish, but don’t have time to cook? No household help because of the lockdown? Empty grocery racks?

While the Covid-19 pandemic has affected life as we know it, there are selfless people on the front-line serving us in these dire times. Countless service personnel are fighting the virus on our behalf, while all we have to do is sit in the comfort of our homes. The one industry we are not giving enough credit to is the food delivery industry.

With Corona becoming widespread with more people testing positive day after day, a few food brands have taken it upon themselves to serve the public.So look no further! Here’s what you need to know about your friendly neighborhood supermen!

One of the most sought-after food delivery network and a household name, Swiggy, has sensitized both its customers and delivery partners about the pandemic. With the good intent of fighting the adversity together, they have made it open to public about the measures they are implementing to assure people about the safety and hygiene of their service.These measures comply with the World Health Organization’s recommendation of best practices during this crisis. Their “No contact delivery” to ensure social distancing is one of their key measures, which has been receiving appreciation country-wide.


Swiggy @Covid19

Gurugram based Zomato also has come out with various deals to help the public fight the pandemic without having to step out. In addition to delivering food, Zomato has started “Zomato Market” – a grocery store, to have goods delivered at your doorstep. Many offline stores will be featured on Zomato’s app and the groceries will be delivered to the customers.

With many outlets shut down due to the lockdown country-wide, the traction for online delivery has increased at a steep rate. Online delivery brands are looking to close this gap by partnering with multiple stores to provide a hassle-free experience for the end customer.

Zomato market
Zomato Market @Covid19


Some info to help you:

Zomato delivers dinner between 6 to 8 30 PM (FYI)

Swiggy’s new venture Supr Daily deliveries groceries around 6 30 AM everyday

Big Basket has slots if you are lucky you get one for the day!



These online delivery brands not only offer a seamless transition at this time, they are also sensitizing the public towards social distancing. Cashless transactions, contact-less delivery, safety protocols and educative articles are to name a few.

Big basketBig basket


Some restaurant reservation and coupon sites like EasyDiner have taken an extra step to help their restaurant partners by giving out vouchers that could be paid now to be used later in the year. This is a great marketing idea to handle the lockdowns during Covid 19 and help their restaurant partners grow their business eventually.

Easy Diner

Well, in the midst of the big players, let’s not forget about our neighborhood stores we have grown up around. Our Annachi kadais and roadside shops where we always buy our “mittais” from are also doing their due. A few of them have started accepting online orders, while some take WhatsApp and on-call orders and deliver them to your door step.


Chennai Groceries

Here’s a list of service providers for those of you who cannot step out for essentials:

Big Bazaar- All stores

Amma Naana – TTK Road

Hanif – Nungambakkam

Grofers – All areas

Manjal – All areas

Pazhamudhir Nilayam – All areas

There are a lot more. Look up for the store nearest to you, order, get food delivered and stay safe. Ironically, we do strongly suggest eating home cooked food to be careful during this period to avoid the spread of Corona virus.

Some of the sites have taken to recipe postings so you can cook at home now! Just like us! Check out our latest blog post, and more to come for you to cook your favorite restaurant-style food right at home during the quarantine period.

Look up for the store nearest to you, order, get food delivered and stay safe. Some websites like Zomato have started donations to feed the daily wager during this crisis period; you can go online and contribute too!


Zomato Hygiene First

Let us fight this together! And don’t forget to thank and tip the delivery boys who roam the city to keep us fed at odd hours!

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