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This is worse than death sentence!

By far, the worst restaurant i have ever been in the city of chennai until date. The min we entered the restaurant, there was a stale smell that hit us. I begged my group that we shud return, smelling trouble already, but they din act wise and take a true foodies advice! who can save them? The buffet table looked pathetic, like a dirty kitchen after a lot of cooking is done by an clumsy chef. The booth we took was full of sand from the beach and when asked to clean up everyone frowned and did a reluctant job at cleaning. We decided to go a la carte but the menu seemed to have almost the same dishes as in the buffet priced more than 100 bucks each and the buffet seemed a better option at 200 bucks.

Very bad idea! Once the plates were taken, we realized none of the items were refilled, everything looked like leftovers, mayb they were jus refilling and we came at the wrong time. Soup and starters served at the table, we had to call out for it a million times. By the time starters came, we almost finished our main course. The starter mentioned in the buffet was cauliflower but we received a babycorn fry, nobody told us why it was changed or if it is our starters or not. We were quite doubtful if they served us instead of the next table wrongly. Nevertheless, we din bother to call and ask cos it was the only edible item on the menu and by the time the waiters respond we know it will go cold. We also ordered crumb fried idli which was nothin but normal idlis with a chilli powder overdose. Chutney was stale.

The buffet still seemed empty when we went back. Every single dish was cold and dry including mushroom fried rice and kothu paratta, we couldnt eat more than one spoonful. The Paneer gravy din have any paneer in it. neither did it have any gravy, leftovers again. The buffet table looked so dirty with rice and gravy spilt all over that we lost appetite jus lookin at it. The spatulas that we had to use to serve ourselves – the lesser said the better. I wud just say i din feel like touchin it, it had food all over!

The breads that were supposed to be served on the table never arrived. When asked the manager and he said “i thought u mite not be interested in having rotis!!!” what the hell man! They brought it wen we went for desserts and we left it rite there. The appam counter was the only saving grace. Although the stew was like maida water! Desserts were horrible to say the least, the spatula was inside the milk in the pal paniyaram which was almost never refilled even after asking. So we ordered it on the table and what we got was nothin close to pal paniyaram and was very much puke worthy.

The ada pradaman was over but we din kno it cos anyways all the other counters also looked the same way. They brought us payasam instead to the table, after all the pain u put us thro, this din impress at all. Finally, the curd rice was yummy and was filling for our growling stomachs dying in hunger and frustration. i had 2 servings of it and felt happy. 200 bucks plus tax for curd rice isn’t really my idea of a happy sunday dinner.

Worst was yet to come, a waiter leaned over our table and poured a glass of water into my brothers plate when he was eating, din even apologise! There were so many waiters around arranging chairs around tables and none of them came to us for anything we wanted, even the appam was served so late, that we had to sit n stare at our plates for a long time.

Seriously, what do they think they are doing? I felt like suing them for treating customers with reluctance and giving us food like we are prisoners. I asked for the feedback form and the waiter smiled and brought it after 10 mins. Am sure they wouldn even read the feedback. They seemed to be happy with what they are doin, more like they are doin it on purpose. Are they planning a mass murder of sorts? i hated their gutts and their attitude!

i ve been to horrible restaurants that deserve less than 1 star. But this one i felt is a disgrace to even have a star even in negative. even a minus 5 wouldnt suffice. i feel helpless i cant do anything about such places! I felt the foodie in me boiling, disrespected and offended badly!

No 35/3 1st Floor Ramaniyam Arcade,
2nd Avenue 16th Cross,
Besant Nagar
, Chennai – 600090
Above Spencer
Phone 45587221

For god sake, these ppl shud b punished for doing this to the society, inhumane is the word!

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0 thoughts on “Flamingo – Besant Nagar

  1. i am sorry you had such a terrible time!! but my you have a way with words, been laughing so much my stomach hurts. sorry sorry… but i'll note never to go to this place if i am in chennai.

  2. That was really nasty..Most of the time, even if the food is bad, good behavior saves the head.
    But Heard Flamingo in velachery is decent though. Haven't been there..yet

  3. Hi, sorry you had such a pathetic experience out there, I myself wanted to chk it out sometime.

    You should try this new joint around the corner of Besant Nagar Church, it is called "Once Upon A Pirate", a pirate themed place, nice themed restaurant and pretty good food too, I had 2 full plates of kebabs and a chinese noodle! chk it out

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