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French Loaf But Indian Butter

I was so excited when ‘French Loaf’ opened up in Velachery cos i’ve heard a lot about the one in Harrington road and badly wanted to try out, but cudnt due to the distance. The sandwich was not just another sandwich, it is different from what you would get in other cafes, more cos you get to choose what is in it. Its absolutely yummy to say the least, and i jus loved it, moreover its not as expensive as i thought it would be.

Well thats about it! i was so expecting to give an excellent review on this place when i walked in. The service let me down badly. The waiter acted cranky to be precise. Do i look like a 5-year old or like someone who’s seeing sandwich for the first time in her life? No! that dint feed my ego well. He was so intrusive, I started wondering if he’s gonna dig into my sandwich basket at some point. I got obviously furious that i lost my temper as well as my appetite.

The bakery looks nothing better than a McRennett or Cakes ‘n’ Bakes (except ofcourse its inside a brand-new contemporary building). Maybe i expected too much but ‘French’ reminds me of ‘Sophistication’ and definitely not localised ambiance/service. I guess that explains the less-expensive food. I cant comment on the pastries, since the waiter kept following us trying to over hear our conversation and so we had to go back to our table. It is definitely not a premium place and does not attract such crowd for the same reason. For once, I atleast expected the waiter to speak in English (if not French you know!)

Ambiance – 3.5/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 2/5

Price – Maybe a 300 for a couple

Will i go back? – I wanna try the Harrington road outlet for sure and have the sandwich again!

French Loaf
Plot No 183 New Naidu Hall Door,
No 137 Ground Floor,
Velachery By-pass Road,
Velachery, Chennai – 600042

Phone 42022091

As for the Velachery outlet, I am not going back there even if i have to die of hunger otherwise!

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