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Average fare

Nothin special about the place, looks neat fine-dining, nothin innovative about hte ambiance, service is ok, buffet at 199 seems cheaper wen compared to the 150 to 200 bucks costing entrees. The soup was average, starters were the bet part, sesame seeds on the potato balls were great along with the kebabs. Both the roti and the naan looked ans tasted alike, the rice was avergae and hte gravies were run-of-the-mill nothin to delight the taste buds. Dessert was mint icecream,which was good surprisingly and there was also another dessert which wasnt worth remembering.

Ambiance – 3/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 3/5
Price – around 500 bucks for a couple
WIll i go back again? – i have better options and a lot more to explore!

Grains of Paradise (Formerly Peppers)
105, Chamiers road,
R A Puram, Chennai – 600028
Phone 64589999

Not a place i would die to go to, wudnt b my first choice to go for a second time either.

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0 thoughts on “Grains of Paradise – R.A. Puram

  1. Try cream center ( i hope i got the spelling right !), just down the rd from Grains of Paradise … Very good, I assure you, but then again, you are the reviewer, not me … 😀


  2. Cool .. thx for the info .. will check it out ….
    And btw, are you really a foodie, as in you dont mind eatin from small roadside shops every now and then ?? If so, let me know and I'll tell you a couple of super places ..


  3. Let me rephrase tht … Are you averse to eatin in small joints ?? Not necessarily roadside bandis but small joints which will prob score very low on your ambience scale but the food will certainly be great ….


  4. "Now u being so well-versed with Chennai shud really write on burrp i tell ya!"
    LOL … Now you're just pullin my leg 🙂 … I just know a few places( being in college, there is that small thing called a budget constraint 😀 and now tht I am out and have a job, maybe I'll have a bit more money to actually vindicate your reviews 🙂 )… There is this small 'Iyer kadai' in Mylapore which is open only in the mornings. Absolutely brilliant idlies, dosas and vadai… And there is the "kaiyandhi Bhavan" in T.Nagar of course, the very very famous one near Brillinat tutorials where ppl come in Mercedes' and eat 🙂 and I'm guessin tht you have indeed eaten there ..


  5. And p.s, I think tht Grains of Paradise has closed down … There is no board there anymore .. Looks like they also thought tht they were too average to continue anymore 🙂
    Maybe they're gonna reopen it with a diff decor and food maybe ..


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