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Nothing Can Beat It!

Warning: if ur watchin ur weight, don even go anywhere near this place, its sinfully addictive! Anything u buy here, makes u wanna give up any thoughts of eating healthy, ur attitude goes something like ‘wat else am i living for if m not gonna eat this!’ Seriously try it once and u ll know wat m talkin bout!

Fortunately (or unfortunately?) grand sweets opened up near my house and its now impossible to have any meal without their impossibly awesome potato chips or go to anyones house without buying their mini-jangri!

Other must trys are the vethakozhambu thokku -makes u eat anything and everything jus for the sake of havin the thokku along side! One bottle which is supposed to be used over a year, disappears in a week or two! simply irrestible!

I heard the Wheat Halwa and Kaju Katli are also very good, tho m not a big fan of sweets (mini jaangri is an exception). But obove anything else, try their mixture, u wud never ever buy mixture anywhere else after this, it is the best one i ve ever had in my life!

Ambiance – 4/5 (its a store, well kept and displayed tho!)
Food – 5/5 for sure!
Service – 3/5 (Dont expect a smiling sales guy)
Price – It too reasonable but very much worth it!
Will i go back again? – Almost every other day!

Grand Sweets and Snacks
Jeevan Super Market,
No 52, 10th Avenue,
Ashok Nagar, Chennai

Yumm is the only word i can think of!

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0 thoughts on “Grand Sweets & Snacks – Ashok Nagar

  1. You missed thatai 🙂
    THE most lapped up dish … hardly is it available fr more than a few hrs after its made … Ofc, i'm talkin abt the one in Adyar only .. havent been to this one as yet 🙂


  2. Ohhh…could you tell me where exactly in ashok nagar ??? I mean, I did see the address…but where exactly 😉 I live closeby and I guess I should try this soon. Though I have been living in chennai for the past 8 years, never had any of Grand sweets dishes/snacks. Can you reply with all the good ones there ? other than the potato chips, vethakozhambu and from the comments, thatai that is… and when is the best time to get this thatai thingy ??

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