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As we enter the food heaven of Chennai, khader nawaz khan road, the stop destination to find world cuisine in the city. Haagen Dazs opened up in Chennai and without a doubt I knew it would be in knk road. After almost two weeks of waiting finally we ended up here for valentines day special menu as publicized on their Fb page. Didn’t find anything special though the menu by itself can be a valentine surprise any day 😀

The ambiance is good. Nothing special for the special day though. Decor is very refined and simple. Sinful is one word to describe the menu. You will need a month in the gym to reduce all that you consume here that is if you decide to do your dinner as such here like we did :D. The menu mainly consists of various sundaes with waffle, pancake and crepes as their base. Unfortunately waffle was not available when we went would have loved it! We ordered Banana Caramel Crepe with Dulce de leche and Pralines and Cream icecream which is awesome! Love love love through out. Definitely a must try. Another one was called Paradise also yummy with layers of Waffles in between 6 icecream flavors, but keep off it if you are not a fan of tangy sorbets. The icecream cupcakes and the Nutty Journey were two more things that were tempting on the menu and worth a try. I was about to order the Mango sorbet (note 450 bucks for a drink!) but the waiter genuinely asked me to try it before i decide, it was definitely not for me. Cold Latte came at 150 bucks each but not very impressive, I cant understand outlets that offer sugar separately for cold beverages!

The pricing of course is very expensive, considering its premium imported brand, still very expensive and increases your expectation of quality which I am not really sure if it met!You can also order pancakes and ice cream scoops separately. Pancakes were very very average, salty butter on a sour batter. Disappointed. Overall I just felt, if not for Dulce de leche which ruled pretty much everything we had, its not worth the money spent.

Ambiance – 4/5
Food – 3.5/5
Service – 4/5
Price – At least 1500 for a couple unless you want to go for scoops
Will I go back again – Only to get scoops of you-know-what!

Old No 16, New No.34, Platinum Building, 
Khader Nawaz Khan Road,  
Nungambakkam, Chennai  – 600034
Phone: 28333363, 43210001, 9841405236

But yeah for crazy caramel icecream fanatics like us, Dulce de leche is worth it all 😀

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