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The Perfect Place to Test Your Patience

Hmm.. i read the reviews on the other Sennthur in Chennai and assumed this one shud be good too. The ambiance is infact not bad and the menu looks impressive. A so-called fusion restaurant. They have innovative stuff like beetal leaf dosa and drumstick juice, yea only on the menu! it is not available in actual. In fact half the menu is missing in real, but u get to know it only if u manage to get the waiter’s attention.

The entire disappointment sinks in slowly. The place actually rises ur hopes to the max and lets u down gradually. I was hoping to atleast give the place an average on burrp! when i entered and as time passed by, and there was literally no service at all, my patience was being tested to the core.

The moment i entered a waiter gave me a look like wat-do-want-now! Feelin unwelcomed i tried to catch a couplea waiters/managers in the crowded restaurant (there are as many waiters as the number of guests in the restaurant) to get me a place to sit. FInally decided to sit sharing my table with 3 other ppl.

Noone took the order, literally noone and the seemingly busy waiters tried their best to avoid eye contact with anyone who looks at them. They just don even look at their customers when you need them, leave alone smile. The person sittin next to me had her hand sunk in the rice of a thali and was waiting for the gravy for almost 15 mins and gave up finally. I was getting too furious with noone even lookin at me, then two ppl took m order and didnt even note it down, rushed away. Finally had to get up from my chair, walk to a manager and shout for my order to be delivered.

After all this tiring tries to get the attention of the waiters for a seemingly innovative menu of food, there came the biggest disappointment of the day, a pizza dosa – which was just uncooked batter covered with capsicum, literally inedible, i wudnt even accept it as an utthapam. The sunset juice (sweetlime with thulasi), was the only saving grace here, i wanted to order one more so i can fill my tummy after this long wait, but thinkin twice of the trouble i need to go thro to get another juice to my table, i walked out! Sigh!!!!

Ambiance – 3.5/5
Food – 2/5
Service – 0/5
Price – Around 250 to 300 bucks for a couple
Will i ever go back – Even if i am literally dying of hunger, i wudnt go here!

Hotel Sennthur
70 & 71, Greams Road,
Chennai – 600007
Phone 64506023

This is by far the worst service i have ever seen in any restaurant in the world!

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0 thoughts on “Hotel Sennthur – Greams Road

  1. Hi there,

    Many thanks for your comments. We are extremely disappointed, to say the least, about your experience at Sennthur – Greams and will be making some changes at the earliest. Our policy, especially on the service side, has been to give jobs to less fortunate people and help them make something of their lives through the opportunity and appropriate training. We also have a few “gifted” people working for us. The hope is, over a period of time, such staff will make less mistakes and make Sennthur a good experience for our customers.

    About the menu – again, you are right… service on some items may vary. Recessionary times force us to optimize our operations more than ever and so we are often forced to trade off on “interesting items” for items that most people buy. We often change our menu to be in-line with our service.

    However, there is no excuse for a half-cooked Pizza dosa. The idea, at least when I introduced it 5 years ago, was to serve a dosa with cheese and “toppings”. We should catch up sometime and I will be very happy to make you one. May be you will like it more than the othappams. J

    I will be introducing some “offers” and more items that are healthy. So hopefully we would have the pleasure of more honest feedbacks from you and others. Please feel free to ping me at ramya@hotelsennthur.com anytime!

  2. thanks Ramya for your reply

    hmm.. it is of course to give job to the less fortunate that doesnt mean u shudnt have even good managers in there.. i think its the worst service i ve ever experienced in any restaurant in chennai city.. even HSB doesnt have such attitude towards customers in busy hours..

    wud love to take up the deal.. but m very scared to even step in there anymore.. mayb will try the other outlet someday 🙂

    but thanks a lot for the offer.. its nice to a retsaurant management being proactive online about their retsaurants publicity.. i only wish u put in atleast half of it in the real-time experience 🙂

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