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Best way to ruin your New Year Eve!
A couple of days before NYE I always call up every possible restaurant in the city to know their specials and decide on the best that suits us. This year is even for special for us since we were taking our baby out for the first NYE and wanted to celebrate! SO I call house no. 22 too, this person Michael, owner or manager am not sure, took the reservation over the phone. He was very adamant on getting the reservation I guess and he said yes to everything I asked. The advertisement for NYE mentioned its a non alcoholic party but he called me back and kept assuring that we will get wine to celebrate in there.
So we walk in imagining an awesome continental dinner with wine / champagne to ring in the new year, he even said he will give a special chair for my baby in the table! The first surprise, it was an event (a really boring MC blabberin on the mike), there were no tables or dining area as such. I would have decided against if i had known. The 5 types of mocktails they advertised on facebook, were a couple of flavors of tropicana mixed with 7up rite in front of u. Still not willing to be disappointed, we try to enjoy whats on offer and after some lousy games, the dance floor is opened to the guests and it stays empty and ppl sat around it gazing for the rest of the nite. That was the entire show and there was no site of food until 10 PM or more.
Really frustrated we go around asking people about food and wine, They look at you like we are insane, there is no wine in here. We were told that ‘booze will be served along with the manager’s friends after 12’! Seriously????? Who do they think we are? I felt like some underage college kid waiting to get somehow drunk on new year. When we confronted the manager with it, he completely denied ever saying a word about it, leaving us truly insulted beyond words. We could have gone to so many places and enjoyed a wine n dine experience in peace.
Anyway if you think this is running enough for the night, its not, The so called buffet had exactly, trust me exactly 5 items. The soup (i am guessin sweet corn) was served cold, i mean like it was made 2 days ago. There was spring roll and hash browns (the worst I have ever had n this lifetime), it was more like aloo tikki. The funny part was, the first time we checked the hash browns was a circle, the second time hashbrown halfs were served. Same with the spring rolls. There were two pastas – red and white – red tasted like it had maggi masala in it and white tasted stale, really stale. The waiter in fact gave me a choice to pick one first, until he understood my frustrated stare and shut up. Thats it! Oh yeah there was something like a brownie or whatever was lying in a corner, pathetic and cold, I guess that was dessert. There was haegen daz sponsored creme brulee in the fridge (which noone informed us about) to the saving grace. The most horrible food I have had in this whole year. This buffet is charged at 999 each and 2500 for a couple (weird pricing right?). The mocktails closed by the time dinner was being served! There were no place to sit so my husband and me had to take turns and eat standing alone (since once of us have to hold the baby) pathetically on NYE. There was another family who were enjoyin a table, when we asked the manager he said no tables bluntly and left. Yeah the same guy who sweet talked on the fone about giving my son a special cushion chair!
 Whatever happened to honesty in service? Is this the way to get people to come to your party? And whats the point of targeting the wrong crowd to a party they wouldnt enjoy? All I wanted was to sit down and have a good meal with my family, and they screwed it for me completely! We left at 11 30 and rushed home before midnight. I cant see them getting away with this or even stay in business for long with such an attitude!
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