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Absolutely loved the ghee roast

The menu card looks like a piece of paper, don get disappointed cos there is so much to taste here! the vada being offered as starters without being ordered for is a very good way to service, tempt at the same time sell! so it was plain vada – yummy!, keera vada – crispy, masal vada – ok!

The ambiance is just breathtakingly classy and chic and u wudnt want to touch ur idli and dosa with ur hands at sucha place! but wat to do, some food are meant to be eaten the way they should be to taste good… so quitting the helpless efforts to eat idli and dosa with a spoon they offer, and without being able to resist the ghee dripping yummy crispy dosa,.. we had to jump in! give a short at everything .. idli – ok, rava idli – not bad, ghee roast – nothing less of heaven, rava roast – heaven again if u like rava, aapam, with coconut milk, stew and theeyal – all yummy… they shud definitely increase their menu soon so people don get bored of havin the same items, considering the fact that most ppl who come here are movie freaks and will return often for sure! there are some south-indian sweets available (i dono y they are called pastries!), weren’t that inviting, so let go since we were already greedily stuffin ourselves with the dosas! Also there is of course the mandatory filter coffee, some juice, masala tea and buttermilk, the last one was what i tried and liked it a lot!

Oh yea they definitely need to give finger bowls! m sure they learn that soon, cos their dosa’s are so drippin and greasy, and one wudnt want to run to the wash area at other corner in sucha place, fine-dining it seems to be, but fast food is what south indian is known for, a lil confusion here!

as such, the place is perfect!, yummy food, great ambiance, wonderful service and the best of all u wud think this kinda place wud charge u a 100 bux a dosa… but surprise no! everything included for 4 people came up to jus 330 and its a lot lesser than even HSB m sure! so its totally affordable! i think they have clearly seen the need for sucha place in Chennai and has hit the spot rite on!

Ambiance – 4/5

Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Price – You eat ur stomach full for at the max 200 per couple trust me

Will i ever go bak? – all the time from now on just for the dosas!

ID (Idly & Dosa)
Sathyam cinemas,
1st floor, 8, Thiru-vi-ka Road,
Royapettah, Chennai
– 600014

Tho ambiance looks fine-dining, its absolutely typical south-indian experience! Come, eat, relish, get out!

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0 thoughts on “ID (Idly & Dosa) – Royapettah

  1. suree

    hehe.. we were 4 of us and i had a bite of everything… 😛 but the dosa was worth a stomach ache i say!


    yes and try the dosa.. the idlis arent so good


    yea looks like a kerelan speciality eh?

  2. Oh My God, How did u manage to eat idli, ravaidli, ghee roast, ravaroast, aapam, plain vada, keera vada, masala vada….

    My stomach would have burst if i eat all these, any ways nice review, will try when i go to any movie this time…..

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