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Can’t Wait to Go Back Again!

Wow! that was my first impression on the place and it remained thro out the experience and until the end. Exactly the first word that comes to my mind wen i start writing this review…first of all so crowded on a weekday afternoon? this place must be a super hit m sure! But the service was impeccable even with such crowd, so they do deserve a 5 star for that i decided!

The menu is a BIG WOW! It keeps goin on and on, ur stuck with awe deciding what to order. I expected the place to be a fast food joint kinds where i can have a quick chaat for lunch and rush back to work, but hey did they surprise me? The menu has everything you can think of from the north, typical mumbai chaats made authentically (i ve had bhel puri at kailash parbhat in mumbai and its exactly the same here or shud i say even better?) and u get a lot of items that u don get in other Chennai northie restaurants. So if ur sick n tired of the plain old naan and paneer butter masala in the name of north indian cuisine, this is exactly the place u shud go to!

The tandoori rotis and the veg kohlapuri were mouth wateirng. But i was all eyes on the batura platter, which had 5 types of batura combo, wat a thought, for foodies like me who wants to try evrything on the menu, it is heaven! Though i couldnt try it this time, m sure m goin bak here with a larger group and order everything possible on the menu. The menu definitely deserves an applause for the way its constructed, m sure u guessed it by now.

The waiter suggested the mocktail sampler shots which did disappoint me a bit with its taste, more sugar syrups than juice in it. But the very look of it being presented can attract anyone esp kids. The place is not as expensive as it looks, its very much affordable. The ambiance might fool you into thinking this is an expensive place, but be assured, i think the clean and well-set fine-dining ambiance is example of the good service and management for everyone to respect your customers without burning a hole in their wallet.

Ambiance – 5/5
Food – 5/5
Service – 5/5
Price – Around 500 per couple.. unless you planning to hog on chaat
Will i go back again – Check the title!

Kailash Parbat
Atop French Loaf,
#9, Harrington Road,
Chetpet, Chennai
Phone 43510601

I am just waiting for another chance to get back here and try more dishes. Hats off Kailash Parbhat!

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0 thoughts on “Kailash Parbat – Chetpet

  1. Very interested to know when you went over. Do try sometime now. I don't think you'd have such great things to say. I def don't- esp for someone who knows their chaat. They claim to be authentic Mumbai chaat but bring in all the flavors of Delhi's chaat culture including Pani Puris made out of sooji (which I love if I may add).

    Let me in fact invite you to visit the place with me sometime soon and let's jointly decide?

  2. I went there this sunday. Had to wait 40 minutes to get a table for 6! It felt worse because I called them up earlier and was told that they dint take reservations!

    It was mostly because the service was poor. There seemed to be no co-ordination. 4 different waiters came and took our orders, by the end of which it was really annoying to have to keep repeating. The food arrived 40 minutes after the order. The food was however worth the wait. The ambiance is good enough for the price. However, the service time and the service are pathetic. I would think twice before I go here next time.

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