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i suggest u first visit an andhra mess!

Wat a name! Wat a location! as you pass through velachery by-pass road you cant miss the Kalinga restaurant along with Kebab Court, the lighting and the newly constructed apt looks too inviting. An andhra speciality restaurant.. hmmm interesting ..seems like a must try.

Finally, i plan up a lunch jus for sake of tasting the cuisine of kalinga. The ambiance is great, spacious and bright. Service is ok, no complains.We ordered an andhra thali (95), paratta (25), masala vada pulusu (90) (got carried away by the name), pista milkshake (70) and lassi (40). The Jevarisi vadam served on the house was so tasty and crispy and went very well with the pappu podi and ghee provided. Period.

Nothin after this was edible. I mean not to the extent of swollowing beyond the first bite. The vada pulusu was jus tamarind water and yday’s vada dipped in it. Really do the telugus eat this tangy? I expected spicy hot stuff, which actually was not there! This dish was like eating thick tamarind paste, they cudve atleast diluted it a bit for gods sake 🙁 after losing appetite tasting this, we had to eat the parattas with the gongra and tomato chutney.. which i dint like either.. everything is sour and tangy including the curd. The thali was nothin specially just the usual meals, which was not yummy either.

Worst part was that the lassi was served hot. Note i didnt say it wasnt cold, it was actually hot! Ice cubes were added on request, with an explanation that was lame. The menu is too less for veggies, n m not entirely sure if this is how andhra’s cuisine tastes, cos i ve ate in local andhra mess and the meals are mouth-watering there. The place is a bit expensive compared to its counterparts in velachery.

Ambiance – 5/5

Food – 1.5/5

Service 4/5

Price – a minimum 300 to 400 per couple

Will i ever go back? – not even if m dying hungry, anyway there is kebab court literally next door!

Kalinga Restaurant
No. 1, 100 Feet By Pass Road,
Velachery, Chennai – 600042
Phone 22591272, 22591273

if u do end up here by chance, order plain white rice and enjoy it with pappu podi and vadam!

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0 thoughts on “Kalinga Restaurant – Velachery

  1. it takes some maturity to realize that taste is a ‘personal’ thing and i write MY review on a place and don give verdicts….being a chennaite of course i’ve had vadagari lota times b4 and i kno a food wen its stale…i dono y u had to mention it here?

    i hope to read ur expert reviews and learn about foods soon … as of now my opinion remains that ‘opinions differ’ .. so u don have to favor me jus cos i like a place u like or a hate me for not doin it!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and I was thinking you were an expert taste buff.Your blogs created an impression you were really of that breed who can smell tasty food from miles, but may be you have some more distance to go for that,after this entry which I ear just now.You should not only order your choice from heart but also from the head.Vadakari, that is the name given to modified left over food is at times very attractive like hell as well (!)
    Happy writing and happier eating !!!

  3. exactly wat i said.. there are these very local.. andhra mess… which i think has yummy andhra food as far as i kno.. i ve tasted food in hyd and its impossibly spicy for anyone other than ppl there i dono how they bear it with the heat!

    so the closest and yummiest i kno is the various andhra mess found in many places in the city… yea i ve been to the place ur talkin bout in pondy bazaar…its ok place..not so bad.. butyea nothin andhra bout it 😀

  4. Hah , NO …

    Most of the restaurants in chennai says they serve andhra food, but lemme tell u all are liars, they serve all the shit….

    I remember going to a hotel in pondy bazar which was named as “New Andra Meals” , but totally disappointed with the meals over there….they just added some taste less gongura pickle to a low class meals and they named it as Andra meals.

    I suggest you to go to some genuine Andra Hotel to taste real Andhra, it will be So spicy and u love it.

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