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3rd year bloggiversary for ‘What’s Cooking Today’ with today!! Still cant believe with what confidence I started the blog, I least expected a single reader in here, with millions of recipe bloggers in the country and around the world..well I must agree the blog has seen ups and downs but definitely a success, completely contrary what I thought on this day that year! So I had to scan for a sweet dish in my drafts for this celebration, found this yummy Kasi Halwa viz. Poosanikai Halwa and couldnt resist making it right away! One of the very few south-indian sweet recipes that I got right on the first attempt. Usually quite heavy on the sugar or jaggery side, south indian mittai are least of my interests, but this ash gourd / white pumpkin halwa made in most weddings in south india for breakfast is irresistible i must say. Hence Kasi Halwa is mostly a professional caterer-made specialty while Pooshnika Halwa is what they call the homemade version. I have tried to do the professional one.. worked out well… here’s a simple halwa recipe for you…

Kasi Halwa Recipe 

Pusanikai / Ash-gourd – one small or 1/2 of a big one
Milk – 1/2 cup
Sugar – 1 cup
Ghee – 5 to 6 tbsp 
Cashewnuts – half a handful
Cardamom Powder / Elatchi – a pinch or two
Kesari Powder / Food Color (Orange) – 1/2 a pinch 

You can dice or grate the white pumpkin and let it boil in the milk until tender.
Mix in the sugar along with the cardamom powder and kesari powder.
Add 2 tbsp ghee and let it sink in. 
Keep mixing, turn down the flame to low and watch the sugar water itself.
Bring another 2 tbsp ghee, close and let it cook well for few minutes.
Roast the cashews in ghee and garnish.

You can cook the pumkin in water too but the milk adds richness and flavor for sure!

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