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As a vegetarian I should not even walk into KFC but in India we get vegetarian in everything you see! I love the KFC Rizo rice and the Mojito I used to walk-in to the one in Pondy Bazaar all the time for the same. Even the veggie burger is nice in there.

So KFC opens up in Ashok Nagar and am all excited, went in there assuming all KFC chains will have the same standard of food. Firstly, service is horrible! Noone knows what they are doing or even selling. So much queue for the order counter it could take even half an hour to make your order and the guy in the delivery counter wil still forget something you ordered, so be sure to check your order incase your doing a take-away or you wont know until you go home and check it.

The food stinks. I means literally. It sticks like non vegetarian for the first time i felt it is KFC and it is not for vegetarians! The burger seems to have been fried in the same oil, so was the veggie strips. The Rizzo tasted funny and the Mojito (btw pronounced as it is with a ‘j’ by the waiters :P) wasnt all that great either. Overall, a horrible experience. I couldnt eat anything and didnt seem like they cared enough for the veggies, hello, in India, we are your major chunk too. And if you are serving vegetarian it better be good enough right!

Ambiance – 4/5 (looked good maybe cos its a new outlet now!)
Food – 3/5 (since I cannot comment on the chicken stuff which are their main business)
Service – 2/5
Price – Around 500 bucks for a couple
Will i – dont even think about it!

43/44, 11th Avenue, 
Ashok Nagar
Chennai – 600083

If another outlet of the same chain could have me coming back everyday for lunch, theres definitely something wrong with this specific outlet here!

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